Myth 3: “EDI will speed up your order-to-cash cycle”

EDI eliminates the admin bottlenecks that slow down the order-to-cash cycle, but it cannot make a trading partner pay…

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EDI for Christmas

Why EDI is the perfect present for food & beverage retailers this Christmas

Supply chain management can be challenging but this year is exceptional due to the combination of peak Christmas…

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EDI Mythbuster Report

Essential reading if you're about to purchase an EDI solution, or you already use EDI but are wondering if you’re…

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Brexit Opportunities

EDI platform enriched to help firms seize Brexit opportunities

Transalis has extended the range of document categories on its EDI platform with a new series of ‘message types’ to…

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Myth 2: “EDI solutions are too expensive”

Transalis has streamlined its EDI pricing model to ensure great value for money and a compelling return on investment…

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Myth 1: “VAN charges are an inescapable cost of EDI”

Transalis eDI™ totally eliminates VAN charges so your costs remain consistent and fair, regardless of increasing…

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