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It can be a challenge for Finance teams to ensure the swift onboarding of their external trading network to a new invoice platform. However, solution providers, such as Transalis, can offer a helping hand.

Despite many forms of automation technology being available for quite some time, businesses remain heavily reliant on manual document processing. This is commonly an issue for the finance department, putting immense pressure on clerks to accurately rekey invoice information between different systems.

For AP teams, this can mean the receipt of invoices from suppliers in a multitude of different formats (scanned image, PDF attachment etc.). For AR teams, this means manually raising and issuing invoices to many different endpoints. Where resources are overstretched, errors and delays are frequent occurrences, infringing on efficient payment processing.

eInvoice systems that can support both the needs of the AP and AR functions can produce significant ROI when compared to manual invoice processes. These core benefits include:

  • ease of use

  • accuracy

  • improved efficiency

  • eliminate approval blocks

  • expedite payments

Realise the benefits of invoice automation

Discover how your business can transform inefficient processes with effective invoice solutions for both the AR and AP functions

However, ongoing success with these systems has some dependencies. From the AR perspective, success depends on the trading network onboarding effectively. Whereas, from the AP side, an effective exceptions management process needs to be adhered to.

In this blog, we cover how these solutions can be implemented effectively and how solutions providers can support the onboarding process according to your business needs.

Onboarding trading partners to an AR Automation invoice platform

An invoice platform that focuses on automating the AR function simplifies invoice processing across the trading network. This also includes compliance with international invoicing and VAT reporting requirements.

This type of eInvoicing solution connects businesses as specific endpoints. Its role is to ensure invoice documents are issued in the required formats and follow the correct protocols. For example, this can include PEPPOL connections, which are particularly helpful for organisations with customers in the public sector. In addition, AR-focused solutions can also be tailored to also include Real-Time Reporting (RTR), paper-to-digital/digital-to-paper functionality, and system integrations. Businesses with the right invoice platform in place can issue invoices effectively and receive payment promptly, eliminating the risk of human error or processing delays.

Effective onboarding can be a considerable challenge for businesses with large trading networks spanning many different invoice formatting requirements. Proactive communication with trading partners needs to take place to increase network buy-in and engagement with the new invoicing process. Therefore, a clear onboarding program needs to be implemented by a reputable solution provider to manage this transition. We know from years of experience that relationships between trading partners can be improved (alongside substantial ROI) through automation. We will help you reach 100% adoption of all your trading partners through a fully supported onboarding process featuring training, guides and user testing.

Eliminating the need for network onboarding with an AP Automation solution

Alternatively, when automating processes for the AP function, network onboarding might not even be necessary.

For businesses dealing with large volumes of inbound invoices to the AP team, we recommend leveraging a paper-to-digital solution instead. The key feature of a paper-to-digital solution in this case is that all inbound invoice documents of all formats are automatically validated, reformatted and routed to the correct system for swift payment approval.

Well-rounded solutions will also include an exceptions management tool that is enhanced with AI and/or machine learning technologies. This means the software can automatically check invoice data, flag discrepancies or errors, and offer suggested corrections. These AP Automation solutions are in a constant state of learning to ensure different invoice formats are recognised and can be reformatted without any manual input. Additionally, as there is no need to set up specific connections, external trading connections can continue to issue and process documents according to their usual business practices.

The benefits of a paper-to-digital approach to invoice processing are clear. Clerks are no longer wasting time on inefficient manual administration, buyer-supplier relationships can be significantly improved as wider network onboarding is not needed and automated invoice validation results in faster payment processing.

Provider support: Onboarding a new invoice platform

We know that transitioning from manual invoicing to eInvoicing significantly improves partner relationships and productivity. However, onboarding new technologies can be a challenge if not managed correctly with a coherent plan.

At Transalis, we understand the necessity for frictionless deployment. We include a fully-supported onboarding process to complement all our solutions. Following the stages below ensures an efficient set-up;

  • Stage 1. Recruitment: Identify the delivery team across all parties and define their roles/responsibilities

  • Stage 2. Engagement: Outline the plan to all parties to confirm the project scope, set timelines, and identify potential roadblocks

  • Stage 3. Enablement: Start onboarding following project sign-off, with multiple, simultaneous work streams

  • Stage 4. Handover: Transition from production/operational teams over to support and CX for ongoing management

Additionally, all our customers have a dedicated Transalis account manager and our technical support team are also on hand as and when required.

eInvoice Software

If you want to explore your options for onboarding an invoice platform with us, why not schedule a call with one of our knowledgeable solution consultants? You can also contact us on 0845 123 3746 (UK callers) or +44 1978 369 343 (international callers), or via email sales@transalis.com.

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