New Smart Scanning Mobile Solution

Leading companies choose Transalis solutions because they know that capturing and integrating data on orders, deliveries and other stock processing can be time-consuming, complex and costly. There is often a multiplicity of systems, databases and formats both internally and among supply chain partners

Customers stay with us because they achieve better tracking and integration of data, so boosting efficiency and saving money. At Transalis, we’re used to hearing how companies working in manufacturing, distribution, retail, logistics and other sectors are seeking more efficient stock control and management processes.

That’s precisely why we provide you with SANCIA, a revolutionary mobile solution that uses a combination of smart scanning devices and flexible software to capture data and forward it into the Cloud, into your applications, or to your trading partners.

SANCIA, standing for- Smart Android Data Capture and Integration Application – is a purpose-built, all-in-one Android application for processing stock, product, order, delivery, sales and other essential transactions. It harnesses the strength of barcode technology and smart device scanning capabilities to offer major process efficiencies and simplification.

If you want to reduce costs and improve productivity with SANCIA, talk to us on 0845 123 3746 or email

Download the SANCIA brochure here.