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Transalis understands the benefits of partnering with other leading-edge solution providers to create fully digital and integrated cloud solutions. The Transalis Partner Network includes vendors, providers and leading edge technology partners across multiple industry sectors.

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As a Transalis business partner we’ll enable and support you to expand your business by bridging the gap between legacy and latest business processes and technology.

By partnering with us you’ll benefit from financial rewards with good-margin commissions, requiring minimal investment and time from you to service and support end users – our joint customers.

Referral Partner

Referral Partner

Refer customers to Transalis for sales commission.

Reseller Partner

Reseller Partner

Standard integration with Transalis latest technology cloud solutions for value add margin.

Collaboration Partner

Collaboration Partner

Bespoke integration with Transalis latest technology cloud solutions for value add margin.

Consultancy Partner

Consultancy Partner

Bespoke integration with Transalis latest technology cloud solutions for consultancy services.

Partner Benefits

Transalis wants to work with innovative partners who see the same market opportunities and share the same desire to help customers gain the benefits of latest technology, whatever their business might be.

We want to help our partners maximise the huge potential of the integration marketplace. We’ll collaborate with you to extend your scope and enable you to increase your value proposition through the value our managed service solutions can bring.

Our partner network is aimed at focusing collectively on how we can increase customer satisfaction for existing customers and winning new customers. Our joint customers receive greater clarity, better service and enhanced value for money.

If you have questions, please use the Enquire Now form or email us at partners@transalis.com.
Or if you want to apply to become a partner please use the Join Now form. We’ll respond within 24hrs.

Who We Integrate With

We already integrate with multiple software offerings around the world. These include:

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Strategic Partner: GS1

GS1 is an international not for profit association with a presence in most developed countries. For the last 40 years, GS1 have designed and helped to implement global standards for use in supply chains. GS1’s standards and solutions improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains globally and across all sectors. By providing a common language, GS1 enable organisations of all kinds to interact effectively and without ambiguity.

Transalis became the first GS1 UK EDI accredited solution partner to achieve solution certification in the GS1 UK order-to-cash EDI solution category back in 2011. This recognised that Transalis OpenEDI™ software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud managed service solutions correctly use the relevant GS1 standards.


Technology Partner: ABBYY

ABBYY is a leading global provider of technologies and solutions that help businesses to action information. The company sets the standard in content capture and innovative language-based technologies that integrate across the information lifecycle.

ABBYY solutions are relied on to optimise business processes, mitigate risk, accelerate decision making and drive revenue.

ABBYY technologies are used and licensed by some of the largest international enterprises and government organisations, as well as small and medium businesses and individuals. The ABBYY Group maintains offices in Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Ukraine, Cyprus, Russia, the United States, Canada, Australia, UAE, Japan and Taiwan.

Codeless Platforms

Technology Partner: Codeless Platforms

Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform provides Transalis and its customers with a flexible solution to integrate OpenEDI™ with virtually any additional third-party system or application. It can be used to automate a wide range of business processes including data management, notifications, reporting and workflows, helping organisations reduce operational costs and improve performance. It provides a pure drag and drop user experience, with no coding required for 95% of processes.

Combining OpenEDI with BPA Platform enables organisations to easily automate the receiving and sending of electronic orders, order amendments, order acknowledgments, invoices, advance shipping notes, dispatch advice notes, delivery notes, debit notes, credit notes, remittance advice notes, sales and inventory reports and any other Electronic Data Interchange documents.