Data Management

Data Management

Data Management forms a driving force of an EDI solution. For smaller business, the standardisation of Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, or Microsoft Word to an EDI format is enough to improve their business processes and time to market. For larger companies, the need to automate and integrate EDI, XML and unstructured data may be more pressing.

Transalis Data Management helps clients work with Big Data including archiving, searching, data transformation, augmentation, lookup, data stores and directories, to deliver end-to-end supply chain digital enablement.

Big Data

Transalis empowers businesses to understand Big Data in more detail, to improve business and supplier performance. By integrating and analysing multiple data sources, allowing them to identify the most relevant key performance indicators to improve and streamline processes. This results in reduced costs, increase sales, and improved customer satisfaction.

Master Data Management

By optimising Master Data Management (MDM), Transalis assists with building MDM Digital Hubs to manage data intelligence, analytics and collaboration.

Transalis utilise MDM to integrate, cleanse, migrate and manage master data, across multiple platforms and locations, to produce accurate, consistent information which is stored digitally in MDM ‘Hubs’. Transalis works with its clients to define the right digital strategy around building MDM Digital Hubs.

Data Storage and Security

Transalis secure private cloud storage service allows clients to safely store and manage their Master Data assets, with a digitised data exchange.

Transalis understand that security, reliability, availability and performance are crucial to our clients’ business critical processes. We developed our private cloud digital storage service utilising world-class technology from Cisco, 3PAR and Vmware to ensure our client data is highly secure and stored safely in ISO-accredited data centres. Our clients also benefit from 100% network uptime guarantee, one hour hardware replacement, and 24/7/365 support from cloud experts.

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