Data Capture

Unstructured data continues to be a time consuming and labour intensive manual process for many businesses. Data Capture solutions streamline document-based processes through the automated extraction of key data, for use in other systems, such as EDI, databases, ERP, SAP etc.

Data Capture allows businesses to analyse internal and external data to enable them to understand how their business and the supply chain is performing. By integrating and analysing multiple data sources, including unstructured data that was, in the past, unable to be extracted, businesses can streamline processes and reduce costs, whilst finally gaining a single view of all their data.

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A Single View of Your Data

Any document (PDF etc), files, images and formats can be processed and exchanged, digitally, across the Transalis Global Digital Platform.

With Transalis Data Capture, not only can the data be captured as part of a fully managed service, it can then be added to a workflow which extends out to involve other organisations. We don’t just capture and store the data, our customers can process, manage, retrieve and share documents digitally across the entire organisation and outside with their trading partners.

Business Benefits of Transalis Data Capture:

  • Data visibility
  • Single view of structured and unstructured data
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Wider data sharing inside and outside the organisation
  • Support for data protection and data management compliance
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Increased automation
  • Speed of processing

The Data Capture Process

How Transalis Data Capture Works

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