PAYE EDI Integration

Transalis PAYE EDI Integration allows businesses to integrate, automate and exchange data with PAYE systems through OpenEDI.

The introduction of PAYE RTI represents a fundamental reform of Pay As You Earn. All UK employers are required to notify the government of their liability to PAYE at the time, or before they make payment to their employees. OpenEDI collects the necessary information and sends it digitally via the Government Gateway, in real time.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows a secure electronic exchange of PAYE information between employers and PAYE systems. The EDI Recognition Scheme has tested EDI solutions that support an EDI interface with PAYE. OpenEDI from Transalis is listed on the government supplier portal under ‘EDI enabled payroll products’.

See Transalis EDI Solutions on the official government website

How to use PAYE EDI Integration

P11D Annual return for expenses payments and benefits
P11D(b) Annual return showing Class 1A National Insurance contributions for the year
P46 (Car) When a car is provided for private use to an employee
CIS300 Contractor’s monthly return
CISREQ Verification request for the Construction Industry Scheme
EAS Employer Alignment Submission
FPS Full Payment Submission
EPS Employer Payment Summary
EYU Earlier Year Update
NVREQ National Insurance number verification request

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