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Transalis drives your business growth by connecting your supply chain digitally, through the UKs largest information platform. We create a truly global platform for your business to trade with anyone, anywhere.

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Getting started with EDI

cloud_edi_icon2Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic interchange of business information using a standardised format; a process which allows companies to exchange standard business documents by electronic format. EDI operates under two core principles, firstly the exchange of documents take place in a standardised format and secondly, electronic documents replace the need for paper documents. Using these two basic concepts, any business can implement EDI and take advantage of its speed, accuracy, efficiency and cost savings.

Why use Transalis for EDI

Transalis bridges the gap between processes and technology.  By removing the complexity of automation and integration through simple managed services and the Transalis Digital Delivery Network. Driven by years of experience within supply chain automation, Transalis deliver growth, value and productivity to thousands of clients worldwide.

OpenEDI™ connects trading partners digitally across 32 countries worldwide, with 5,000 users exchanging 9,000,000 documents p/a with a £900m p/a invoice value.

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What's New

Our Solutions

Through continuous growth and reinvestment in our solution, staff and products, our Digital Managed Services are able to strengthen our customers trading relationships by providing access to technology, consultancy and solution capabilities that previously would have been out of reach/budget without the introduction of the cloud.

Our solutions are categorised under five different solution areas: Cloud EDI, Systems Integration, Digital Innovation, Business Intelligence and Data Management.

Cloud EDI Managed Solutions

Cloud EDI managed solutions offer competitive advantage by enabling efficient and cost-effective digital services, helping increase time to market and profitability. Transalis and OpenEDI™ is EDI accredited by GS1 for the complete EDI order-to-cash process.

OpenEDI™ is a secure, scalable, high performance SaaS application platform, hosted securely in the Transalis cloud. From the smallest supplier, to the largest manufacturer and retailer, OpenEDI™ is a leader in Cloud EDI managed solutions. Following global standards including Tradacoms, EDIFACT, EANCOM and ANSIX12.


Systems Integration

Cloud based EDI solutions do not have to exist separately from other IT investments. Integrating OpenEDI™ via systems integration with packages such as Sage, MS Dynamics, SAP, Syspro, Oracle and Salesforce streamlines your business processes, increasing visibility and cadence, whilst reducing costs.

Proprietary systems from different vendors can fail to integrate efficiently, Transalis provides the ‘glue’, enabling organisations of all sizes, regardless of IT deployed, to communicate digitally with each other.


Business Intelligence

Turning data into insight is a priority for many departments across the business, including Supply Chain, IT and Finance. Business Intelligence analyses data and presents it back to the user as actionable insight to help end users make more informed business decisions.

The data held within OpenEDI™ provides historical trends and real time actionable insight to drive business planning and decisions across the business.

OpenAnalytics™ was created to utilise this data to support trading partner relationships and improve insight into real-time activity. By monitoring and reporting EDI transactions such as invoices, orders, ASNs, returns etc, OpenAnalytics™ empowers you with real-time information for informed decision making.


Digital Innovation

Transalis solutions are designed to create fully digital connected businesses and supply chains; digital Innovation is at the heart of the Transalis portfolio.

Established businesses are facing new threats from previously unknown competitors via technology. In today’s ever-changing marketplace, we need to find ways to add value to our clients whilst ensuring we are all as competitive as possible across all areas of the business. The changing habits of consumers and B2B buyers means those businesses that do not adopt technological change will suffer as their competition storm ahead.


Data Management

Data Management forms a driving force of an EDI solution. For smaller business, the standardisation of Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, or Microsoft Word to an EDI format is enough to improve their business processes and time to market. For larger companies, the need to automate and integrate EDI, XML and unstructured data may be more pressing.

Transalis Data Management helps clients work with Big Data including archiving, searching, data transformation, augmentation, lookup, data stores and directories, to deliver end-to-end supply chain digital enablement.