A female accountant is sat by her work desk, looking over a ring binder filled with paper invoices with a magnifying glass. She is trying to manually detect specific information, in particular errors, due to their business' inefficient OCR technology. With IDP technology, Transalis is able to automatically alert and detect errors via the manual exceptions tool

OCR vs IDP: improve your document transformation process

Unlike OCR (Optical Character Recognition), IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) utilises AI and computer learning to ensure higher levels of accuracy when…

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A blog feature image depicts a group of workers in an office, jubilantly throwing sheets of paper in the air. Their celebration signifies the shift from traditional invoicing to the use of eInvoicing through Accounts Receivable automation software.

eInvoice compliance with Accounts Receivable automation software

Organisations need eInvoicing capability to meet international regulations. Learn how Accounts Receivable automation software can facilitate compliance.

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Accountant in AP and AR department using eInvoice software to process invoices.

How eInvoice solutions support AR and AP functions

eInvoice software digitally transforms AP and AR processes, which supports the finance department in several key ways...

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world map with string connections for representing automated invoice capabilities

How to future-proof international trade with automated invoice capabilities

Governments worldwide are increasingly mandating eInvoicing for trading organisations. Learn how automated invoice capabilities can assist with einvoice…

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AP invoice processing with AI and machine learning

How to leverage AI for efficient AP invoice processing

Legacy AP automation systems rely on outdated technology. Forward-thinking finance teams are harnessing AI and machine learning for efficient AP invoice…

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How invoice platforms are failing businesses

How invoice platforms are failing both the supplier and customer

Using invoice platforms should, in theory, reduce manual processing and increase efficiency. However, this hasn't been the case for all businesses. We find out…

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Mitigate increasing operational costs with digital invoice processing

Mitigate increasing operational costs with digital invoice processing

Discover how manageable digital transformation projects can cut operational costs, e.g. switching to digital invoice processing to optimise the AP function.

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process optimisation AP invoicing

Optimising AP invoicing: harnessing automation

Learn how organisations can harness automation to make AP invoicing processes more efficient and save on costs.

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Invoice automation reduce AP overheads

Invoice automation: reducing AP overheads

Discover how manageable digital transformation projects, such as invoice automation, can significantly reduce costs for businesses by minimising AP overheads.

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Automated invoice processing for manageable digital transformation

Manageable digital transformation: the benefits of automated invoice processing

Automated invoice processing is a great place to start when looking at manageable digital transformation of your business, read our top tips.

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