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How the Advance Shipping Notice supports retail operations

The Advance Shipping Notice supports efficient supply chain operations, particularly in the retail sector. But why are suppliers resistant to supporting this…

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Sales process automation: Removing admin

Without sales process automation in place, Sales Directors are challenged by the burden admin puts on their team. Read how digital transformation solutions…

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Cutting costs and timeframes for a lean supply chain

Department heads could be missing opportunities in creating a lean supply chain. Our blog highlights a key strategy to follow...

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International trade compliance: Advice for compliance managers

Managing international trade compliance can be complex and costly. We offer our advice for compliance managers to navigate new tax reporting mandates globally.

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Enhancing the Procure-to-Pay business process with middleware

To fully improve your Procure-to-Pay business process, it is crucial to take advantage of P2P platforms and integrate middleware software.

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How to ensure secure data management across online sales channels

When it comes to the e-commerce order cycle, businesses need to ensure secure data management across the entire supply chain. We outline the essential steps…

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Conceptual image of paper planes one being help by a hand in the foreground, to represent business manual document processing and the need for a data capture solution for greater efficiency.

How AI can upgrade a data capture solution

Smart businesses have a data capture solution to manage document processing across their business functions. However, with the development of AI technology…

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How B2B suppliers can increase market share: a scalable strategy

Ensuring market penetration is essential for B2B suppliers. We outline a scalable strategy to maximise visibility through the use of Procure-to-Pay platforms.

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Blue hued landscape photo of a series of power lines into the distance, with tree covered mountains in the background. Used to represent the concept of procurement technology connecting organisations to a network of suppliers.

Procurement technology: what suppliers need to consider

The additional market exposure that procurement technology can provide makes it very attractive to most B2B suppliers. But how to navigate the differences…

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road bridge connecting 2 destinations. Procure-to-Pay process

Improving the Procure-to-Pay process: the top integrations

The procure-to-pay process can be complex and time-consuming. Integration between P2P platforms and business systems can be key to efficiency.

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