Blue hued landscape photo of a series of power lines into the distance, with tree covered mountains in the background. Used to represent the concept of procurement technology connecting organisations to a network of suppliers.

Procurement technology: what suppliers need to consider

The additional market exposure that procurement technology can provide makes it very attractive to most B2B suppliers. But how to navigate the differences…

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road bridge connecting 2 destinations. Procure-to-Pay process

Improving the Procure-to-Pay process: the top integrations

The procure-to-pay process can be complex and time-consuming. Integration between P2P platforms and business systems can be key to efficiency.

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Hiker atop mountain overlooking view. Supply chain integration for increased visibility

Implementing supply chain integration for data visibility

Businesses prioritising shorter, agile supply networks will win in this economy. However, consolidating all business data with supply chain integration is…

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Micromanufacturing strategy

Sustainable and efficient: the advantages of micromanufacturing for retail businesses

Find out how switching to a micromanufacturing network for production enables greater agility, efficiency, and sustainability in the supply chain.

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paper consumption green supply chain report

Supporting the supply chain & the planet: cutting paper consumption

Implementing changes to support CSR without incurring additional costs can be tough. However, cutting paper consumption not only benefits the planet, but also…

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EDI combat supply chain issues

Can EDI combat supply chain issues?

Businesses are dealing with a number of supply chain issues in recent years, including Brexit and the pandemic. Here's how EDI can help combat them.

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Process automation for frictionless business

Process automation for frictionless business

Discover the benefits of process automation for businesses. See how our client achieved significant time and cost with process automation.

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process optimisation AP invoicing

Optimising AP invoicing: harnessing automation

Learn how organisations can harness automation to make AP invoicing processes more efficient and save on costs.

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Invoice automation reduce AP overheads

Invoice automation: reducing AP overheads

Discover how manageable digital transformation projects, such as invoice automation, can significantly reduce costs for businesses by minimising AP overheads.

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Business automation for consistent omnichannel retail

Business automation: consistency in omnichannel retail

Maintaining consistency in an omnichannel retail environment can be a challenge, but business automation is able to facilitate this via EDI integration with…

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