Photo of 3 EU flags flying outside a governmental building. Representing a blog titled 'ViDA: Everything you should know about VAT in the Digital Age'

ViDA: Everything you should know about VAT in the Digital Age

Businesses selling goods and services online to customers in the EU will need to understand new regulations for VAT in the Digital Age. Here's our guide to…

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Close up of Polish flag, representing a blog that discusses Poland eInvoice requirements

Poland eInvoice regulations

Poland eInvoice requirements for B2B transactions are mandated from 2026. Learn which businesses are affected, the submission requirements, and automation…

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Amazon SP-API: Everything your business needs to know

If your business uses Amazon as a sales channel then you should know about the switch to Amazon SP-API. If not, then you need to be aware of what the changes…

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How to ensure secure data management across online sales channels

When it comes to the e-commerce order cycle, businesses need to ensure secure data management across the entire supply chain. We outline the essential steps…

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France eInvoicing mandate

International trade compliance: France eInvoicing mandate

The France e-Invoicing mandate applies to all businesses who trade within France. We summarise everything you need to know before it comes into effect from…

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A blog feature image depicts a group of workers in an office, jubilantly throwing sheets of paper in the air. Their celebration signifies the shift from traditional invoicing to the use of eInvoicing through Accounts Receivable automation software.

eInvoice compliance with Accounts Receivable automation software

Organisations need eInvoicing capability to meet international regulations. Learn how Accounts Receivable automation software can facilitate compliance.

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Close-up photo to two corporate businessmen wearing smart suits shaking hands after agreeing a deal. Used to represent blog about strategies for B2B suppliers to secure more market visibility and new customers

How B2B suppliers can increase market share: a scalable strategy

Ensuring market penetration is essential for B2B suppliers. We outline a scalable strategy to maximise visibility through the use of Procure-to-Pay platforms.

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scanning barcode of box. business automation

50 years of the barcode: How EDI advances business automation

Since the 1970’s the barcode has supported the advancement of business automation alongside Electronic Data Interchange. In this blog, we explore 50 years of…

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Cost cutting strategies for companies in the F&B industry

The bottom line for food and beverage brands is being squeezed. High production costs and frictions with retailer trading partners over increased product…

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High production costs in food and beverage sector

How to mitigate high production costs for SMEs in the food and beverage sector

High production costs are squeezing SME food and beverage producers. So what can producers in the F&B sector do? Transalis explores digital transformation…

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