scanning barcode of box. business automation

50 years of the barcode: How EDI advances business automation

Since the 1970’s the barcode has supported the advancement of business automation alongside Electronic Data Interchange. In this blog, we explore 50 years of…

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Cost cutting strategies for companies in the F&B industry

The bottom line for food and beverage brands is being squeezed. High production costs and frictions with retailer trading partners over increased product…

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High production costs in food and beverage sector

How to mitigate high production costs for SMEs in the food and beverage sector

High production costs are squeezing SME food and beverage producers. So what can producers in the F&B sector do? Transalis explores digital transformation…

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Changing consumer demands: optimising the stock replenishment process in retail

An overnight batch stock replenishment process is not suitable for retailers that need to meet the consumer demand for better value and convenience. But what…

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Inventory management of warehouse stock

Agile inventory management: mitigating supply issues and cutting costs

Organisations can create greater efficiencies in their stock and warehousing processes by leveraging EDI tailored for agile inventory management.

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EDI available for Amazon seller central

Amazon: is EDI available for seller central?

Find out how to connect EDI with Amazon seller central. We debunk the confusion around EDI for Amazon seller central.

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EDI combat supply chain issues

Can EDI combat supply chain issues?

Businesses are dealing with a number of supply chain issues in recent years, including Brexit and the pandemic. Here's how EDI can help combat them.

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Pivot to survive business agility

Business agility: pivot to survive

During an exceptionally challenging period economically, maintaining business agility has been imperative to success. Find out how our clients achieved this in…

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Agile supply chain for food businesses

Food and beverage: An agile supply chain in times of crisis

Maintaining an agile supply chain in the food and beverage industry has been a challenged recently, find out how a robust digital strategy can help.

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Automated invoice processing for manageable digital transformation

Manageable digital transformation: the benefits of automated invoice processing

Automated invoice processing is a great place to start when looking at manageable digital transformation of your business, read our top tips.

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