Digitised invoicing network from £3,999 per annum

The main objective for the Accounts Receivable (AR) department is the fast approval and payment of their outgoing invoices. For organisations with complex networks, often including international trading connections, managing different invoicing protocols is a challenge.

Our AR Automation solution mitigates this challenge by digitising Accounts Receivable processing across the entire trading network.

Key benefits

  • Comply with international invoicing protocols
  • Simplify communications with trading partners
  • Reduce admin time and error-rates

Starting from 10 eInvoice connections, this Accounts Receivable solution is ideal for organisations that need to comply with eInvoicing mandates or simplify processes with the digital exchange of invoices via an online platform. AR Automation offers compliance with B2G and international invoicing protocols, such as PEPPOL, as well as RTR (Real-Time Reporting).

At Transalis we provide total price transparency. Using the calculator below, you can select the exact requirements for your AR function to run as smoothly as possible.

Build the right solution for your business from just £3,999 per annum