Transalis opens the door to the international EDI-powered PEPPOL network

Cloud-based EDI expert, Transalis, has earned certification as an official PEPPOL Access Point Provider.

PEPPOL is an EDI protocol designed to simplify purchasing processes between government bodies and private suppliers.

It enables trading partners to exchange standardised electronic documents over the PEPPOL EDI network.

Standardised electronic documents can include eInvoices, orders, advance shipping notes, catalogues and message-level responses to name but a few.

Cloud-based EDI expert Transalis recently offered new NHS suppliers free access to its PEPPOL eInvoicing web portal as part of the company’s response to Covid-19.

This move ensured suppliers of life-saving medical equipment could avoid red tape and unnecessary time spent on invoice processing and payment, focusing all their efforts instead on responding to the pandemic.

“Aniello Sabatino, Transalis co-founder and Joint Managing Director. “Transalis, is just one of a handful of UK tech firms that has been certified as an AS4 Peppol Provider, meeting the highest level of international public procurement standards. This is another vote of confidence in Transalis’ systematic approach to ensuring customers have a reliable, secure platform for automating transactions, minimising the need for costly manual and paper-based processes and associated errors.”

Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations

Transalis is dedicated to providing the highest level of industry standards to the benefit of its clients and partners.