• We do the right thing all the time and in all circumstances
  • We believe in what we are doing
  • We are honest, trustworthy, dependable and loyal


  • We are always searching for the best ideas
  • We innovate for what matters
  • We strive to simplify, accelerate and improve
  • We constantly identify new opportunities


  • We care about our success
  • We are courageous
  • We don’t give up
  • We don’t mind being controversial
  • We love great technology

What Are Core Values?

Our core values are the building blocks that make up our company’s professional integrity. They define what we stand for, in a set of shared values, behaviours and skills. Our company’s values lie at the core of our culture. Our values are fundamental, enduring, and actionable.

Describing actionable values, helps us all influence how our company performs for the benefit of all. At leadership level, we strive to put into action our core values to attract and retain talented people, help us make the right decisions, priorities resources, encourage team spirit, differentiate our solutions and attract and support the right customers for our company.

Why We Need Core Values

Our people are the lifeblood of our company. Attracting talented people in a fast-changing global marketplace, and retaining them, is a top priority. Talented people want to work in environments where they can develop and thrive. Top performers seek out organisations with values that match their own.

As a consequence, the importance of our company’s core values is becoming more apparent. Numerous research studies have highlighted that a company’s culture is a primary driver for innovation.

At leadership level our aim is to successfully integrate our core values throughout our company and within our people, to set the foundations for our culture. Our values help regulate the climate of our workplace and determine how personal and company success is defined and measured.

Reasons Core Values Are Important

Taking our core values seriously is a major initiative. Establishing an authentic and actionable set of core values was leadership’s goal.

Here are 12 reasons we should all take our company’s shared core values seriously:



Core values set the foundations for our company’s culture.



Core values improve morale and the basis of personal and company pride.



Core values align our people around specific, idealised behaviours.



Core values guide decisions by determining priorities in advance.



Core values help positively influence how our people interact with one another.


Team Transalis

Core values help attract, hire, and retain the right kind of people for our company.



Core values help us all assess both personal and company performance.


Prevent conflict

Core values help prevent and mitigate conflicts that may arise.



Core values help us all improve innovation.



Core values help differentiate our company in the minds of our customers and partners.



Core values impact how our company serves its customers.



Core values help attract the right kind of customers for our company.