A blog feature image shows three female accountants in an office, discussing work whilst holding electronic gadgets. They sit around a desk filled with invoices, symbolising the shift from paper invoices to electronic invoicing software in the AP and AR team.

Electronic invoicing software

Electronic invoicing software can help resolve the issues commonly associated within the AP and AR functions. Find out more.

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Blog feature image showing a close up of a messy desk with scattered papers; one pair of hands holds a clipboard and another pair of hands use a calculator. It represents the AP and AR teams working hard to fulfil the invoicing process.

Automating the AP and AR functions

Learn how automating the invoice process can improve accuracy and ensure compliance within the AP and AR functions.

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A blog feature image of a male accountant in his office, manually entering data into his laptop, with scattered papers on his desk. This image illustrates the necessity of a Paperless Accounts Payable process

Switching to a paperless Accounts Payable process

Businesses are switching to a paperless Accounts Payable process to gain more control on internal processes, including cost and efficiency.

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A blog feature image of a hand typing on a laptop on a desk. The desk is covered with sheets of paper containing business data and a calculator. This represents staff from the finance department, specifically in the AP or AR function struggling with manual invoice processing and in dire need of invoice processing automation.

Reasons to automate invoice processing

Organisations tend to automate invoice processing for two reasons: efficiency and compliance. We explore the benefits for both Accounts Payable and Receivable…

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A blog feature image of a young black male finance executive sat at his office desk reviewing accounts processing manually. He represents a finance staff, whether that be in the AP and/or AR function, considering invoice processing automation.

Invoice processing automation

Invoice processing automation is the digital processing of invoices. Learn the essentials: its definition, benefits and cost.

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what is PEPPOL and how does it work?

What does PEPPOL stand for and how does it work?

If you're new to PEPPOL then you'll have questions: what does PEPPOL stand for? how does it work? Who is it for? Find out in this blog post.

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Electronic invoice processing benefits

Electronic invoice processing

Learn about the benefits of electronic invoice processing for businesses today. Meet international mandates and achieve time & cost savings.

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How invoice automation can transform your business

Invoice automation can transform your business by speeding up processes and minimising the risk of human data entry errors that be costly

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Why should you automate your approach to invoice processing?

Processing high volumes of invoices requires significant staffing levels, so so it's no surprise that it's ripe for automation

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Access to PEPPOL NHS

Amid the chaos and carnage, one key message that has emerged is the acute vulnerability of supply chain relationships to seismic shocks. This article looks at…

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