EDI is the traditional way computers have exchanged standardised business documents…

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Your Guide To Successfully Implementing EDI Solutions After spending hours…

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Cloud based EDI solutions do not have to exist separately from other IT…

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Common Questions

We have predefined procedures that helps minimise the time it takes to go live. Normally you can expect to start trading in a couple of weeks.

Make sure you have a project plan in place and all parties involved understand what they need to do. If you need help with this, your account manager will help.

Assuming your trading partner is correctly configured, yes, a report can be generated 

Incoming failures are picked up in real-time and notification sent in all cases  

Your Transalis web portal will give you complete visibility of all EDI activity

We support all message formats including xml and json. We provide access to all communication types such as AS4, FTP & HTTPS 

Yes – Transalis Cloud-based SaaS platform can integrate with any 3rd party application via an API   

No -Transalis Cloud-based EDI platform is completely secure

Transalis supports all standard message formats including EANCOM, EDITEC, xCBL, cXML, VDA, ODETTE openTRANS to name just a few

Yes, we do. Please refer to www.transalis.com/integrations page for more information.

We continually monitor our service from multiple points across the globe to ensure, outside of agreed maintenance periods, our services are always available. Should an outage every occur you will be notified immediately. 

You can set-up a many users accounts and login’s as you need. There is no limit.

We will only require access if we are providing a full integration into your systems, and only to test the environment.  Access will be kept to a minimum to ensure no interruption to your business. 

Any new EDI solution is set-up and tested parallel to your live system to ensure there will be no issues once live, which means it can be switched on at any time. In fact, many of our clients are not even aware the switch-over has occurred.  

You can manage your product catalogue via the web portal or integrated updates.

All changes can be accommodated.  Depending on the complexity, there may be some development costs

Your Global Location Number is typically provided by GS1, a network provider. However, Transalis can help and guidance on this.

Typically, this is managed for you by Transalis. 

Yes, subject to the guidelines provided by your trading partner(s)

It is your responsibility to ensure all your data is accurate and up to date 

We hold your data for 90 days before it is deleted. If you need to store your data for longer, we offer a range of different archiving options  

We adhere to GDPR regulations and are ISO27001 accredited

Where possible, we do not charge you VAN or data charges.

Unlike our competitors, if you subscribe to one of our bundles there is no charge for creating maps. 

Yes, as you would expect we do operate a fair use policy