Do you need to invoice businesses in China?

If you answered yes, you may need electronic invoice processing.

Transalis eInvoice™ is a trusted provider of digital invoice processing with companies in China

More and more countries, including China, are looking for new ways to streamline their processes, eliminate tax avoidance and collect more VAT. Already across the EU, government and public sector organisations are required to use B2G eInvoice processing, and B2B suppliers are being encouraged do the same.

An eInvoice solution from Transalis will streamline your invoice processing with trading partners in China.

  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks
  • Improve accuracy and minimise disputes
  • Remain compliant with complex cross-border regulatory and tax requirements
  • Automate invoice validation
  • Speed up the entire billing process

eInvoicing in China

eInvoicing with Transalis eInvoicing in China

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