Do you want to simplify how you trade with your partners?

Orders, invoices, shipping notices, despatch advice notes – there is so much paperwork involved when processing just a single order, let alone hundreds or even thousands every month.

What’s more, the information within each of these documents needs to be accurately entered and shared across numerous accounting, order management and enterprise management software systems, ensuring the right goods are despatched at the right time, stock levels accounted for, deliveries tracked and accepted, and invoices are accurate and validated so they can be paid on time.

It’s not surprising things go wrong – and when things do it can be costly to put right in terms of admin resource, missing stock, delivery recall, order returns and delayed payments.

  • Digitally exchanging documents can save you at least £14 per order, £8.50 per invoice and £12 per order using a despatch advice
  • Save 10 minutes on the time it takes to handle each incoming document
  • Simplify compliance and cross-border trading
  • Save time and money across all your back-office processes


New to eInvoicing?

eInvoicing is the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective way to send, process  and validate invoices with your trading supply chain network.It enables businesses to automatically share and process invoices digitally. There’s zero paperwork and admin staff no longer need to manually key-in data from invoices into purchasing or finance systems.

Research suggests that electronic invoicing solutions are between 60% and 80% cheaper than paper invoicing.

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