As companies learn to navigate the ‘new normal’, many will be reviewing their risk strategy to shore up and protect against future ‘black swan’ events.

This report identifies 7 essential challenges with practical tips that manufacturers and retailers can take to help mitigate supply chain risks.

  • Find out how smart companies are rethinking their operations and resetting their supply chain relationships.
  • Discover how many brands and retailers are introducing digitalisation in a bid to simplify auditing and optimise cost-efficiency.
  • Pinpoint the 7 Deadly Supply Chain Challenges that are critical to success - with tips on how firms can protect themselves and their customers.
  • Look at ways companies need to re-gear the way trading relationships work to recover from Covid faster and minimise future vulnerability.

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A resilient, robust and agile supply chain that can handle all manner of knocks and bruises along the way. Transalis digitises your entire trading network giving you greater visibility, transparency and control across the supply chain. Time spent planning greater automation now could bring enormous benefits later.