Ensuring market reach is essential in an intensely competitive and uncertain business environment.

Particularly for B2B organisations that do not rely on typical consumer sales channels. For some, harnessing Procure-to-Pay platforms for their eCommerce/marketplace functionality has been lucrative in securing new business.

Organisations wishing to maximise market visibility will likely connect to multiple procure-to-pay (P2P) platforms. This is partly because suppliers can list product catalogues catered towards target audiences. However, maintaining various P2P platform connections can be quite a challenge. For example, due to high order volumes received from each platform, and the manual process of consolidating all P2P data.

Our report, Procure-to-Pay platforms: Maximising market coverage, explores this topic in detail. It covers how EDI can be leveraged as middleware to automate the exchange of all communications between customers, P2P platforms and suppliers.

The full report is broken down into 3 key areas;

  • EDI as effective one-to-many middleware
  • Rapid onboarding of P2P platforms
  • Leveraging EDI messages for good buyer relations

We are able to offer expert insight on this subject following a large-scale project for a client. We were able to demonstrate our innovative and tailored approach to business automation and digital transformation. This included our rapid onboarding methodology and integrated paper-to-digital solutions.

As a result, our client met a hard deadline to have a new solution in place before the incumbent was withdrawn from service. Thanks to our solution, the organisation was able to efficiently manage 15 Procure-to-Pay platform connections, with over 300 customers total. Furthermore, the client has since expanded its business and onboarded an additional 100 customers. A result which, during such an unstable economic period, is highly sought after to future-proof business.

Get your copy of the report to reveal the details of these strategies and how they benefitted our client.

To discuss your own business experience with P2P platforms and how we could assist you in capitalising on market coverage, contact our dedicated team. We are available by phone on 0845 123 3746 (calling from UK) or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or email sales@transalis.com. You can read about our other success stories in the Case Studies section of our Knowledge Hub or visit our Reports section for our previous topical whitepapers.