There’s increasing pressure on organisations to address environmental impact as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies. Taking steps to a green supply chain is one way this can be achieved…

This includes a more considered approach to manufacturing, logistics, and administration across the supply chain. Adopting greener supply chain practices, such as reducing paper usage, enabling digitised and automated processes, and utilising a more localised manufacturing network can all significantly cut supply chain emissions. These will not only significantly improve the business environmental impact (outside of surface-level box-ticking), but will also improve productivity, efficiency and profitability.

For example, the temporary closure of Foxconn resulted in significant issues for Apple with the release of the iPhone 14, highlighting the fragility of their large-scale outsourced manufacturing in China. This has clearly been noted by other organisations, that are now turning to more localised networks of micro-manufacturers to deliver the required stock levels.* In fact, a strategic pivot to a shorter supply chain brings some notable commercial and environmental benefits.

In this report, 3 steps to a shorter, greener supply chain, we explore the top green business strategies that organisations should be adopting for a more eco friendly supply chain:

  1. Utilise EDI to support the supply chain and benefit the planet
  2. Adopt a network of micro-manufacturers for scalability and agility
  3. Increase data visibility across the business to maximise productivity

Each of the steps above forms a detailed chapter in the report, where we have included our independent research, trusted industry sources, and client case studies. As with all of our quarterly whitepapers, this report is entirely free to access by downloading a copy.

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