Challenges imposed on enterprise as a result of Brexit and the pandemic have forced the hands of many businesses to adjust their strategies in order to remain agile and resilient

As a result, many have been turning to more automated business processes, including eInvoicing, in order to efficiently manage their supply chains and meet cross-border requirements.

In our latest report, we identify several key areas where eInvoicing can benefit businesses today:

  • Increased ROI – achieve up to 60% ROI over manual processing of invoices
  • Data accuracy - eInvoicing enables immediate data validation, reducing errors and speeding up the payment process
  • Higher staff productivity – redirect AR and AP teams to higher-value tasks and projects
  • Future-proof tax reporting – meet the growing international eInvoice requirements

“According to a recent report by business analysts Billentis* the volume of eInvoice exchanges is expected to quadruple by 2035.”

To learn more about how eInvoicing works and how it can benefit your business, download the full report: Transforming your invoice processes.

Transforming your invoice processes

Download our eInvoice report

Discover the benefits of automating your invoice processes with eInvoicing. Get expert guidance and advice in our recent report.

Download the report

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