Transalis continues to provide transparency for their clients, both new and existing, by joining forces with the software review platform, Capterra.

Capterra is a widely trusted platform, where people can find and compare software.

There’s over a million verified Capterra reviews from UK users. So, users can be assured they’ll find right solution for their unique business needs.

EDI reviews on Capterra

EDI reviews

Take a look at our Capterra review page to read our positive feedback! And if you’re one of our clients, why not leave us an EDI review…

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Customers First with Capterra

At Transalis, our team prides itself on approaching all interactions with clients from, what we call, a “Customer First” perspective. Our Customer First approach is emulated throughout the customer journey:

Sales Team

Our sales team strives to understand their prospect’s business challenges. The extensive product knowledge means that they can recommend the most suitable solution to the prospective client.

Development Team

The development team ensures that solutions are built and implemented efficiently. They also keep our clients informed throughout the process.

Customer Experience

Once the EDI solution has been implemented, our client has ongoing communications with our Customer Experience team. This allows the client to provide feedback, ask for additional support or any required changes to the solution along the way.

Being listed on Capterra is another string to our Customer First bow.

This is because it provides our clients with a platform to share their feedback for other prospective clients to see.

They are able to review:

  • Our support
  • The product features
  • Any areas of improvement

Being listed on Capterra is another string to our Customer First bow.

This is because it provides our clients with a platform to share their feedback for other prospective clients to see.

They are able to review:

  • Our support
  • The product features
  • Any areas of improvement

Visibility, Transparency, Efficiency for our customers

Visibility, Transparency, Efficiency. These areas are our core focus as a business. And our customers remain at the centre of all we do:

  • Instant visibility of data across business systems
  • Total price transparency of product bundles
  • Increased business efficiency and cost control

Since Transalis has been listed on Capterra, our clients have been reviewing our EDI solutions. Here’s what some of them have said:

“EDI was needed in the business and Transalis have been excellent. The service that Transalis has provided, from the early concept phase through to current day, has consistently been excellent. The integration involved our HQ IT team based in Japan. The team adapted and we worked well.”
Jason M., PMO Manager, Honda

Our focus on providing visibility, transparency and efficiency for our customers has worked well. All reviewers have commented on our great level of customer service, rating it 5 stars. Other areas our customers highly rated includes; the ease of use of their solution, the features and functionality, and value for money.

Setting Transalis eDI™ apart from the rest

Transalis sets itself apart from its competitors because we put our customers first.

We create innovative and bespoke technology solutions, which improve business agility and supply chain resilience. 

Many EDI users are dissatisfied by the service they are receiving, according to independent research commissioned by Transalis*. Other solution providers are failing their customers on a range of issues. This is demonstrated particularly in relation to the challenges of 21st century commerce. Such as Brexit and COVID-19.

The team at Transalis has made it their mission to dispel the myths around EDI. This includes the commonly held myth that “it’s difficult to switch to EDI providers because the current solution is too embedded in the business”.

Transalis will always put their customers first. We provide innovative solutions, suited to individual needs, and keep the customer informed throughout the process.

Our customers are able to choose from our clearly priced bundled EDI software solutions (from entry level, to large and complex supply chain requirements). Or they can create their own customisable EDI solution with EDI Freedom.

Customers can even gauge their prospective savings by using our ROI calculator. Our clients can gain a better understanding of how EDI could benefit their business with our extensive free resources in our Knowledge Hub. Choose from learning the EDI basics, client case studies, and research reports.

eDI Instant

As simple as 1,2,3. Buy EDI online in an instant and connect with your trading partner today


eDI Essential

Buy online now and exchange digital documents with up to 2 trading partners


eDI Freedom

Build your own bespoke EDI solution according to your supply chain & integration needs


eDI Connect

Ideal for companies with many trading partners, high order volumes, requiring enhanced stock & sales reporting


eDI Connect+

Perfect for larger organisations requiring complete visibility across their supply chain to improve efficiencies


If you would like to implement a software solution with a provider that puts their customers first then give our knowledgeable team a call on 0845 123 3746 (calling from UK) or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or contact us via email

* Independent research commissioned by Transalis Ltd: Is EDI addressing the challenges of 21st-century commerce?