Just imagine if your computer system could talk directly to your suppliers’ and customers’ computers, we explain what is EDI.

What if you could automatically share and process important documents faster, cheaper and more accurately than ever before. Think about how much simpler it would be if you could do all this safely in real-time, right across your supply chain.

There’s no need to imagine, because you can do all of this and more with electronic data interchange (EDI). 

The right EDI solution can help you improve the operational efficiencies of your business across your supply chain ecosystem, as well as ensuring your systems are agile so you can quickly scale up as your business grows.

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What is eInvoicing?
'EDI saves the average business at least £14 per order'


What is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)?

If you’re wondering ‘What is EDI?’, you’ve come to the right place.

For decades forward-thinking companies have used EDI software to automatically swap and process vital paperwork.

Now, cloud-based EDI gives companies like yours the chance to follow suit and finally drop slow and expensive paper-based processes.

No more searching around for the latest order or head-scratching over the status of a credit note. EDI sorts all of this out.

EDI safely takes care of the admin, automatically delivering the high-quality information your business needs to grow. 

It is a real-time, secure, transparent and seamless way of managing purchases and accompanying documentation across your entire trading network.

Without EDI

  • Orders and other documents raised manually
  • PDF's sent by email or post
  • Re-keying of post and email orders
  • Average cost to process £14 per order

With EDI

  • Orders, Invoices & ASN's raised automatically
  • Documents sent and received digitally in seconds
  • Digital entry directly into customers’ systems
  • Average savings of 65% over paper-based systems
What is eInvoicing?

Choose EDI Freedom for complete flexibility

For complete flexibility, EDI Freedom allows you to build your own unique network and range of services. Use the EDI Freedom calculator to create your personal EDI solution.

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Benefits of EDI?

Trading conditions are tough. Businesses like yours can’t afford to be held back by old, paper-based ways of sharing information.
You want your operations to be faster, more cost effective, more efficient and more accurate. You can achieve this by sharing data digitally and automatically.

Benefits of EDI

Getting Started

Whether you are a start-up producer, a mid-sized manufacturer to an online retailer – electronic data interchange (EDI) will save you time and help process your orders more accurately and efficiently. Transalis is an EDI specialists provider, who will make your life simpler.

Getting Started with EDI
How much can EDI save me?

Measuring the benefit of your investment in an EDI solution can be complex. To help establish a baseline we recommend you look at the time you and your team spend managing invoices, ASN’s and delivery notes. Two of the most common benefits of EDI is the removal of double keying of information and the reduction in data entry errors.

Use our eDI ROI Calculator to see how much you could save...

eDI ROI Calculator
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As simple as 1,2,3. Buy EDI online and connect with your supplier/partner today

eDI Essential

A simple way to link up with one or two trading partners for automated exchange of Orders, Invoices, ASNs & Responses

eDI Freedom

Build your own EDI solution with latest tech, choosing your bespoke requirements for an instant online quote. Simple!

eDI Connect

Hassle-free real-time electronic exchange of unlimited documents between multiple partners

eDI Connect+

Multiple documents, unlimited messages, a large network of partners with seamless systems integration