EDI set up is easy with Transalis eDI Instant™. This cloud-based EDI solution is perfect for those starting out with EDI, or have an EDI mandate from their trading partner, for just £495 per annum.

Complete the sign-up form and we do the rest! We will get you online ready to exchange orders and invoices with your trading partner in just 24 hours!

We can connect you to a number of household names...

Our vast trading network covers everything from retail, ecommerce, wholesale, manufacturing, to logistics

Low cost EDI

At Transalis, we know that smaller businesses have been missing out, so we wanted to make it easier and cheaper for them to get started with EDI.

eDI Instant digitises orders and invoices with your trading partner for just £495 per annum!

Unlike other providers, we offer transparently priced EDI solutions suited to your business needs. There are no hidden fees, and absolutely no VAN charges (Value-Added Network). eDI Instant is the ideal solution for businesses needing to exchange orders and invoices with one EDI connection, for just £495 per annum.

Get started by simply filling out the form and we’ll give you access to our online EDI platform, ready to exchange orders and invoices with your chosen trading partner in just 24 hours!

Easy EDI set up

For anyone new to the concept, setting up EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, can seem overwhelming (and expensive!). Before, only organisations with the right resources were able to benefit from EDI. Now, EDI technology is far more accessible and affordable for SMEs with less complex supply chains.

Cloud-based EDI enables the rapid exchange of standardised digital files that you can access from anywhere at anytime!

Cloud-based EDI solutions, like eDI Instant, take away the need for businesses to set-up and maintain their own on-premise solutions. Instead, we do all the leg-work to get you up and running with your chosen trading partner. All you have to do is let us know who you are, who you want to connect to, and we will do the rest! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

The EDI basics