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You need orders today, not tomorrow. That’s why we put together our eDI Instant solution, to get orders from your trading partner instantly, for just £495!

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To find out more about EDI, what EDI is used for, and why EDI is a vital ingredient for any business digitisation strategy, take a look at our ever-expanding resource of sector knowledge and business case studies.

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EDI Insights

Connect to Amazon EDI

Why EDI is a vital ingredient in any partnership with Amazon

Want to sell your products through Amazon? Find out why EDI is a vital ingredient in any Amazon Marketplace partnership.

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The digital era and Wayfair

Wayfair and the digital era: are suppliers prepared?

How can suppliers be prepared for the digital era after the recent growth for Wayfair and other online retail?

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EDI Explained

What are EDI transactions?

Everything you need to know about EDI transactions

Read to find out how EDI transactions work and how they can benefit businesses by streamlining and automating manual processes.

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Learn the EDI basics

EDI basics: 10 steps to understanding EDI

Get to understand EDI with our guide to the EDI basics, including: how it works, the benefits, and types of EDI.

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