Transalis is one of a select few providers that have gained verified Amazon Selling Partner status.

The Selling Partner status enables us to manage Personal Identifiable Information (PII data) on behalf of our clients. This forms part of our new Amazon Selling Partner API integration service.

To explain, Amazon is introducing terms and conditions that enforce strict limitations on how Personal Identifiable Information (PII data) can be processed. For Seller Central account holders, particularly those with Direct Fulfillment accounts, Amazon will only share PII data with endpoints that they have approved and can trust.

This can be very restricting for businesses and generally results in PII data only being sent to the seller directly rather than its third parties that are involved in the order fulfilment process (e.g. 3PL or EDI provider). This results in complicated manual processes to compile and communicate necessary data across the supply chain so orders received from the marketplace can be fulfilled. It can also cause significant bottlenecks for businesses that have high order volumes.

Luckily, with our verified Amazon Selling Partner status, we can integrate your Amazon Seller account directly with your business systems and fulfilment processes. Thus automating the order cycle.

For example, businesses can consolidate all order information from their various sales channels, including Amazon, automatically into their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Want to automate your Amazon marketplace order fulfilment? Take a look at our dedicated Amazon Selling Partner API integration service. Including a standard set of four message types. Starting from £7,000 including set-up!

Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations

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