Find out what is an EDI number and its purpose

What is an EDI number?

Learn the EDI basics with Transalis and find out what is an EDI number. Discover the EDI number meaning and why it is used on EDI documents.

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Birds-eye view of cargo ship with shipping containers for supply chain transport

Creating a lean and agile supply chain with EDI

How to create a lean and agile supply chain by harnessing the benefits of EDI software. Greater business efficiency and visibility.

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3PL EDI: reducing operational costs with digital transformation

Discover how 3PL EDI helps businesses reduce the associated costs and inefficiencies.

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Business automation for consistent omnichannel retail

Business automation: consistency in omnichannel retail

Maintaining consistency in an omnichannel retail environment can be a challenge, but business automation is able to facilitate this via EDI integration with…

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Integrated EDI

Integrated EDI for greater business insight

Discover how integrated EDI with your chosen business applications provides greater business insight with complete data visibility.

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Better business decisioning with EDI

Better business decisioning with EDI software

Find out how to achieve frictionless business with a broader set of EDI messages, resulting in greater visibility and better business decisioning.

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Agile business in a time of rapid change Transalis report

A report from Transalis: Agile business in a time of rapid change

A report from Transalis, detailing how to curate an agile business for the future by harnessing supply chain technology.

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Visibility and business agility with EDI integrations

Visibility and agility: the benefits of EDI integrations

Find out how EDI integrations work, their key benefits and how they can transform your business by offering complete visibility over your data.

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What to look for when selecting an EDI company

Choosing an EDI company: the accreditations to look for

When looking for a suitable EDI company it's important to make sure they offer the right service for your business. Here's the accreditations to look out…

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Achieving market growth with supply chain EDI

How supply chain EDI optimises performance

Effective supply chain EDI has the ability to enhance business for market growth, as on of our clients learned as they managed the effects of Brexit.

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