Let’s consider what’s involved in invoice automation and how it can help your business towards a digitised future and the many advantages that can bring.

All businesses have to create or modify management processes to meet dynamic market conditions and overcome competitive pressures. When it comes to harnessing the benefits of new technology for process improvement, the phrase ‘digital transformation’ has become a common mantra. Here, we consider a natural first step on the journey of digital transformation: invoice automation.

The key challenge for most businesses seeking digital transformation is where to start, how to build the business case and how to deliver ROI within an acceptable timeframe. Customer focus dictates that the shift to digital must add value and make a real difference to user experience.

A great place to begin is invoice automation. As well as helping you achieve demonstrable time and cost savings and inform faster and more accurate business decisions, invoice automation directly supports customer interaction.

eInvoice Automation from Transalis

Automate the exchange of your invoices, reduce processing time and achieve 60% ROI with standardised digital invoice formats.

What is invoice automation?

Invoice automation refers to the replacement of paper or digital image-based manual processes with a digital solution, typically based on EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange.

Automation can support every step involved in invoice management; from the initial receipt of an invoice, to the processing of payment.

Without automation, there is always the risk of human error creeping into the handling of invoices and leading to mistaken data entries, duplications, as well as costly delays.

According to an international market report by Swiss analysts Billentis*, the reduction of manual effort facilitated by automation can provide substantial savings of between 60% and 80% compared with the costs of conventional manual invoice processing.

There’s also a range of benefits for both AR (Accounts Receivable) and AP (Accounts Payable) departments.

Boosting confidence

Colleagues issuing invoices in AR can enjoy greater confidence in meeting or exceeding customer service expectations around process and accuracy. That is because you will typically be able to move away from multiple bespoke approaches, including time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks.

The way your system has generated outgoing invoices may have resulted in late payments with delays caused by invoice queries or errors. In contrast, invoice automation helps the AR team achieve faster payments, with greater accuracy meaning fewer rejections, thus improving your working capital at the same time as strengthening your customer relationships.

Speed and accuracy

Similarly, team members receiving invoices in AP may be struggling with a number of headaches caused by manual processes.

They may be having to re-key invoices and experiencing delays in matching invoices to orders. As a result, you may be missing out on early payment discounts from suppliers. At the same time, you will be experiencing avoidable staff overheads and other unnecessary processing costs.

Instead, invoice automation will help AP staff reduce costs, increase accuracy and speed up processing and turnaround. It will help managers choosing to reallocate teams to higher-value activities and it will give you more scope to avoid late payment fees and reduce the risk of fraud. You can also have greater confidence in dispute handling and building mutually productive supplier relationships.

To begin an automation programme, you first need to understand, map and analyse the tasks and responsibilities of everyone involved. That way you can identify and bridge those gaps between where you are now and where you want to be.

And crucially, you will also need your trading partners to automate.

Transalis eInvoice™ automation

Here at Transalis, we guide you through all stages of implementation and make it quick and easy for your trading network to come onboard.

We offer a choice of eInvoice products based on the area and type of support you and your partners need. Our two solutions facilitate the digital transformation of the accounts function: AP Automation and AR Automation.

Harnessing the benefits of digital standardisation, AP Automation enables organisations with a large and varied trading network to automatically convert incoming invoices into a standardised digital format, which is compatible with the existing accounts application. This solution offers businesses processing 2000+ invoices a month an average ROI between 60-80%. This solution can also be used alongside our EDI products, which helps support the wider trading network without having to fully onboard them.

AR Automation targets the challenges that Accounts Receivable teams face with the growing number of international and B2G eInvoice mandates, as well as a growing need for efficiency in processes. There’s an increasing requirement to follow eInvoice protocols, PEPPOL, and Real-Time Reporting (RTR), AR Automation is able to facilitate all of this and more, with a flexible and scalable solution tailored to the client’s needs.

Trusted provider

Our solutions are widely used by finance directors and controllers, procurement managers and heads of AR and AP in all industry sectors.

And if you are exchanging invoices with partners in the EU, you have the added reassurance that Transalis is recognised as one of just a few providers in the world to fulfil the EU’s requirement for a common eInvoice standard. Under this protocol, called EURINV19, companies can signal to other traders that their invoice automation is compliant, so making the exchange of invoices within and between markets much easier.

We are also one of the few UK tech firms to have been certified as an AS4 PEPPOL provider, reflecting our compliance with the highest level of international public procurement standards.

Both EURINV19 and AS4 PEPPOL support the goal of enabling safe and secure trade through greater supply chain transparency, visibility and efficiency.

Why not check out our handy ROI calculator, highlighting the potential savings you could realise from implementing AP Automation?

eInvoice Solutions

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