What is invoice automation?

Invoice automation uses technology to replace the manual processing of invoices. Taking a digital approach helps your accounts department streamline repetitive processes, therefore minimising costs and boosting efficiency.

Automation can support every step involved in Accounts Payable invoice management, from the initial receipt of an invoice to the processing of payment.

Without automation, there is always the risk of human error creeping into the handling of invoices and leading to mistaken data entries, duplication and delays.

Manual processes are labour-intensive, due to the necessary checks ensuring data accuracy. Ultimately, approval can also take a lot longer if there is any hitch along the way.

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Invoice automation: accuracy and compliance for the accounts department

Invoice automation, on the other hand, ensures data accuracy and retains end-to-end workflow information for audit trails.

Compared with manual processing, the automation AP invoicing can reduce costs by up to 80%.

Thanks to our handy ROI calculator, you can go online right now to check your potential savings from switching to an AP Automation solution.

PLUS, with frictionless invoice automation, you can free up internal resources to focus on more revenue-generating activities and customer services.

This doesn't only apply to AP processing...

eInvoicing for the Accounts Receivable function is fast becoming an international requirement for tax and customs compliance. Therefore, businesses risk missing out on contracts if they do not have an AR eInvoice solution is not in place.

Across the EU, government and public sector organisations are already required to use B2G eInvoice processing, with B2B suppliers encouraged to do the same. A key aspect is real-time reporting to meet local tax visibility demands.

To begin an automation programme, you need to understand, map and analyse the tasks and responsibilities of everyone involved.

That way you can identify the gaps between where you are now and what you want to achieve.

Faster invoicing processing

One of the key benefits of eInvoicing is the fast and accurate exchange of invoices across a trading network. This can dramatically improve efficiency by enabling all parties to eliminate blocks and speed up payments.

A report by Atradius UK in 2018 found that two-thirds of suppliers had achieved faster payments after the adoption of eInvoicing. They kept their cashflows healthier by minimising the costs of managing their supply or distribution networks.

At Transalis, we make it easy for your trading network to share invoices with you. AP Automation does not require your trading network to have eInvoice capability. They can send invoices in any format (scan, EDI, PDF etc.) – we will digitally translate and route them to your chosen business application!

We offer a choice of two invoice solutions based on Accounts Receivable or Accounbts Payable functions.

  • AP Automation benefits businesses that receive 2,000+ invoices per month
  • AR Automation supports businesses that have to comply with international eInvoicing mandates

How much does eInvoicing cost?

We offer transparent pricing for all of our eInvoice solutions. Use our handy calculators for AP Automation and AR Automation to discover your costs.

There are no hidden fees with any Transalis solution, unlike other providers that will charge using Value Added Network (VAN).

Did you know…

A VAN sets costs for sending messages and data loads, with penalties for breaching a limit within a specified period. We don’t think it’s fair to charge for a business’s success, so our solutions have no VAN charges.

Transalis is a PEPPOL-accredited provider

If you are doing business with partners in the EU, you can be reassured that you are compliant for European trade with both the private and public sectors.

If you are seeking simpler invoice automation with your trading network, isn’t it time you looked at our eInvoice product bundles to see which eInvoicing solution is best for you?

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