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Businesses are increasingly adopting invoice processing automation solutions to improve efficiency in the finance department.

Larger organisations are recognising that manual processing for the Accounts Payable (AP) function is susceptible to inaccuracies and consumes a considerable amount of time. Moreover, the Accounts Receivable (AR) function is under pressure to meet the emerging invoice automation requirements across Europe. In this blog, we explore how invoice processing automation supports these functions, leading to enhanced efficiency, productivity, and overall improved ROI.

Transform your AP and AR processes for your business

Reduce cost and improve accuracy for your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable teams with an eInvoice solution

What is invoice processing automation?

Invoice processing automation refers to digital solutions that can transform account functions. This technology is commonly known as eInvoicing, but many other similar terms are also used.

Digital transformation of the finance department removes repetitive manual processes. Therefore invoice processing automation is incredibly beneficial for individuals working in these teams. This applies to both AP and AR functions within the finance department of any organisation. We cover the key advantages in more detail below…

Benefits of invoice processing solutions

As mentioned above, invoice processing automation provides helpful support for the AP and AR functions.

We offer a choice of two invoice processing automation solutions: AP Automation and AR Automation. Both solutions assist these accounts functions overcome different obstacles.…

AP Automation

Automation supports every step involved in AP invoice management, from the initial receipt of an invoice to the processing of payment.

One of the key benefits of invoice processing automation for the AP function is the fast and accurate exchange of invoices across a trading network.

Without automation, there is always the risk of human error creeping into the handling of invoices, such as making mistaken data entries and duplications.

Additionally, manual processes involve labour-intensive data checks to ensure accuracy. Thus, approval can take significantly longer if there are any issues that arise along the way.

Ultimately, AP automation dramatically improves efficiency by enabling all parties to eliminate roadblocks and speed up payments.

In fact, a report by Atradius UK in 2018* found that two-thirds of suppliers achieved faster payments after the adoption of invoice processing automation. In addition, they maintained healthy cashflows by minimising the costs of managing their supply or distribution networks.

Plus, you can free up internal resources to focus on more revenue-generating activities and customer services.

At Transalis, we make it easy for your trading network to share invoices with you. AP Automation does not require your trading network to have eInvoice capability. They can send invoices in any format (scan, EDI, PDF, etc.) – we will digitally translate and route them to your chosen business application!

AR Automation

Governments and public sector organisations across Europe and further afield have been advocates of invoice processing automation for many years. So much so, eInvoicing for the AR function is rapidly becoming an international requirement for tax and customs compliance.

To elaborate, here are a summary of key eInvoice mandates in Europe:

Country B2G/B2B/B2C Year implemented
Austria B2G 2014
Belgium B2G 2022-23
Croatia B2G 2019
Denmark B2G, B2B 2005, TBA
France B2G, domestic B2B & B2C 2017, 2023-2025
Germany B2G & B2B 2020-24
Greece All 2020-2021
Hungary All domestic 2020
Italy B2G, B2B & domestic B2C 2015, 2019-2022
Norway B2G 2019
Poland B2G & B2B 2024
Portugal B2G 2021
Spain B2G, B2B 2015, 2023-2025
Sweden B2G 2019
Turkey B2B, B2G 2014, 2021

Therefore, businesses wishing to trade internationally risk missing out on contracts if they do not have an AR eInvoice solution in place. Implementing AR automation is essential to remain compliant with increasing eInvoice mandates and stay ahead of competitors.

If you are interested in compliance, AR Automation is the right eInvoice solution for you. To expand, we are a PEPPOL-accredited provider. Thus, we comply with the highest EU standards for European trade with the private and public sectors.

Invoice processing costs

Here at Transalis, we value transparency. In fact, you can use our handy calculators for AP Automation and AR Automation to discover your costs. Alternatively, you can book a meeting to discuss the features you require and the breakdown of the overall price.

Furthermore, rest assured that there are no hidden fees with any Transalis solution, unlike other providers that charge using Value-Added Network (VAN). To elaborate, a VAN sets a cost for sending messages and data loads, with penalties for breaching a limit within a specified period. We don’t think it’s fair to charge for a business’s success, so our solutions have no VAN charges.

eInvoice Software

If you want to improve your AP or AR process through automated invoice processing, look at our eInvoice solutions to see which is best for you. Otherwise, you can talk to us at 0845 123 3746 (UK callers) or +44 1978 369 343 (international callers) or our Customer Success team via email at

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