Cutting the cost of doing business makes financial sense at any time, but in a trading environment impacted by both Covid and Brexit it’s more important than ever…

That’s why smart companies are turning to eInvoicing solutions to help them with cost control and safeguarding the bottom line so they can survive today’s challenges and aim for prosperity.

What are eInvoicing solutions?

eInvoicing, or electronic invoicing, harnesses technology to replace the manual effort of processing invoices. Electronic exchange promises a host of benefits compared with a paper-based system. They include ease of use, accuracy and the elimination of administrative logjams.

Taking a digital approach, eInvoicing solutions help you streamline repetitive processes, so minimising costs, boosting efficiency and expediting payments as you interact with your trading network.

Cross-border benefits

eInvoicing helps make it simpler to stay up to date with the changing landscape of trading partners, tax compliance and eInvoicing mandates around the world.

Cross-border trade is an area where eInvoicing solutions continue to prove their worth, especially as UK businesses, both exporters and importers, try to navigate new Brexit rules.

Adopting eInvoicing is a common sense decision as it complements the requirement for customs declarations where exports or imports are a key element of the business mix.

Even before Brexit, countries including the UK were looking for new ways to streamline their processes, eliminate tax avoidance and collect more VAT. Across the EU, government and public sector organisations were already being required to use B2G eInvoice processing, with B2B suppliers encouraged do the same.

The need to get to grips with new documentation and customs requirements since Brexit has simply underlined the importance of eInvoicing as an automated solution that can help ensure you are tax and customs compliant, no matter the country you are trading with.

Why choose Transalis?

Transalis’ eInvoicing platform, Transalis eInvoice™, offers you a host of benefits as you bid to streamline your invoice processing with trading partners:

  • eInvoice helps you rectify any possible disputes by enabling you to identify blockages and inaccuracies instantly.
  • A full audit trail of invoice processing and automatic validation of correct invoices with no requirement for human intervention.
  • eInvoice provides instant real-time-reporting to receive an accurate in-the-moment view.
  • A deep-store digital archive of invoices to reduce your retrieval and auditing costs.
  • Our pricing is totally transparent (unlike other providers who charge so-called ‘value added network’ costs for sending messages and data loads, with penalties for breaching a limit in a set period).
  • If you have overseas partners, you have the reassurance that Transalis is a PEPPOL-accredited provider, compliant for European trade with both the private and public sectors.

Our eInvoicing solutions have already been adopted by finance directors and controllers, procurement managers and heads of AR and AP in sectors including manufacturing, electronics, pharmaceuticals and advanced engineering.

eInvoice product bundles

We offer a choice of four product solutions, depending on your business needs and what you want to achieve with eInvoicing. Each comes with a support package to ensure a smooth transition to your eInvoice environment.

Smaller companies with specific requirements and only a few trading connections may wish to have our expert support as they build their own eInvoicing solutions. E.g. niche manufacturers seeking compliance with electronic processes, mandated by their larger retail and wholesale partners. For the smaller businesses, eInvoice Freedom is the ideal product bundle. You select the number of partner connections you need while taking advantage of Paper-to-digital OCR for seamless integration.

Companies with up to 25 connections and looking for ready integration of eInvoicing with their existing ERP and financial systems can harness the benefits of eInvoice Essential. This is ideal for optimising AP and AR processes, recording all invoices with a digital time and date signature.

Those customers with up to 75 connections will typically benefit from eInvoice Connect. This bundle includes free access to a web portal, eInvoice Lite, and the Transalis Hub Connector enabling your trading partners to upload and download digital invoices, even if they don’t have their own eInvoicing solution.

Larger companies with overseas partners and a need to comply digitally with complex local tax regulations can benefit specifically from eInvoice Connect+. This bundle is aimed at those with more than 75 connections.

As well as an ongoing support package, customers of eInvoice Connect and eInvoice Connect+ have a dedicated Success Manager to help with the onboarding of trading partners and ensure all is working well with systems integration.

If you are seeking process efficiencies in challenging trading conditions, isn’t it time you looked at our eInvoice product bundles to see which eInvoicing solution is best for you?

Want to find out more about the benefits of EDI? You can take a look at the Transalis eDI™ Products or you can reach our Customer Success team on 0845 123 3476 or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or email

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