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Things are changing for Amazon sellers. Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) is being replaced by Amazon SP-API (Selling Partner API).

All accounts that currently rely on integration services that use Amazon MWS will be affected. Consequently, they will need Amazon SP-API in place for their service to continue. This switch is already in effect for some account data with a continued phase-out of all other MWS functionality. In this blog, we summarise the key changes, what this means for Amazon businesses, and how they can address it.

Transalis SP-API integration

Our dedicated Seller Central integration is compliant with the new Amazon SP-API requirement. See how we can automate the full Amazon order cycle for your business!

The key changes coming with Amazon SP-API

Back in 2020, Amazon made the announcement that it would be switching off the Amazon MWS service and instead launching the new Amazon SP-API to replace it.

The move aims to modernise integration connectivity for Amazon businesses. It allows for improved capabilities and functionality in line with the latest standards and best practices of API integration. Amazon confirmed that the switch to SP-API will be a phased process between 2023 and 2024. Here are the key dates as below:

  • 01/09/2023 – Retrieving data for MWS Merchant Fulfillment (MFN), Orders and Reports is no longer available

  • 01/04/2023 – Retrieving data from any other sections of MWS API (e.g. Products, Finances, Fulfillment) is no longer available

That’s great, but how is this relevant to Amazon sellers?

Naturally, Amazon Seller Central businesses might not understand the ins and outs of API integration. However, they need to be aware of these changes if they are using a third-party application to facilitate any kind of automation service in order fulfilment. To summarise, if your business relies on a third-party solution or developer app to route order information from your Amazon Seller Central Account into your own business systems, then you need to ensure you have an SP-API integrated service, not MWS, from now on.

The implication for Amazon sellers without SP-API connectivity

Basically, if your third-party integration service is using the outdated Amazon MWS, you will run into problems.

The above-stated dates indicate when different types of Amazon seller account data can no longer be routed via an MWS integration. Therefore, if your solution provider has not migrated over to the new Amazon SP-API, your existing processes will stop functioning. This will leave you with a growing administrative problem. For example, your business will need to manually extract the order data from Amazon Seller Central and complete a manual fulfilment process. Just imagine what this would look like if your business had an influx of Amazon orders!

How can Amazon businesses address this issue?

Put simply, businesses affected by this change need to get an Amazon SP-API integration in place as soon as possible.

However, there are further complications if your business requires the integration of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) e.g. shipping information. Amazon takes secure data management very seriously. Therefore it does not allow for customer data to be extracted by third parties that have not been thoroughly checked and approved. So, for a business to integrate PII data via a third-party service, it needs to have certified Amazon Selling Partner status.

And this is where Transalis Seller Central integration comes in! We have passed Amazon’s rigorous security checks and they have approved us as a Selling Partner. This means we can provide vital Amazon SP-API integration services for Amazon sellers. This service also includes the routing of PII data from Amazon to other business systems to support order fulfilment. We can offer this integration as a standalone solution, or as part of our product bundles.

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