Busting 9 of the biggest myths surrounding EDI

If you’re thinking of introducing EDI to your business, or you already use EDI but are wondering if you’re really getting the best value from your existing provider,  you should read this. 

EDI has been around since the 1970s, but there is a massive difference between the EDI offered then, and the new Cloud-based EDI available today.  But a lot of the old myths still exist – a lot of EDI providers are still peddling their services and inflating their charges with overly complex set-ups and erroneous costs, no longer a factor with today’s advanced technologies.

Myth 7

from the EDI Mythbuster Report

“EDI adoption improves relationships within your trading network”

This is true, but only if your trading network is already using EDI. Trading partners slow to adopt EDI can reduce its efficiency. For example, in supply chain management, if one trading partner manually handles a receiving order, it affects all partners in the supply chain. The chain stops until the documents have been manually managed. With automation, it happens instantly and 24/7.

In order to maximise the benefits from EDI, it must improve the information flow between trading partners. This means companies need to ensure there is a critical mass amongst their own trading network that already use the technology or are willing to adopt it.

Transalis offers a fully supported trading partner onboarding and adoption programme, which includes a ‘white label’ partner registration page, a trading partner outreach communication programme and extensive user training, including guides and ‘walk-through’ videos.

The businesses within your trading network can simply and quickly start to electronically exchange documents with you in real-time – streamlining process, unblocking delays and improving accuracy. What’s more, from a minimal cost of £145 per month, they too can start to benefit from EDI with other trading partners within their own supply chain.

Many EDI suppliers claim their solution instantly improves trading network relationships, but Transalis goes the extra mile to turn this myth into a reality.

For the other 8 EDI myths, download the EDI Mythbuster Report.

EDI Mythbuster Report:

Revealing the truth behind the 9 biggest EDI myths

Essential reading for anyone about to purchase an EDI service


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