PEPPOL is a pan-European electronic messaging standard used by NHS Trusts and their supplier trading network.

It allows organisations to send and receive electronic documents such as invoices, orders, shipping notices, and delivery notes between the NHS and its public sector clients, throughout the EU and beyond.

Standing for Pan-European Public Procurement Online, if you are part of the NHS community, or a supplier to the NHS, you must use a PEPPOL NHS network to electronically and automatically share invoices and other trading information securely.

Connect to the NHS supply chain

Connect to NHS Supply Chain with eDI Essential and get a second connection free.

  • Any message type
  • No hidden charges
  • Single annual fee
  • Instant account set-up
  • Priority connection testing with your chosen trading partner

Transalis, is just one of a handful of UK tech firms that has been certified as an AS4 Peppol Provider, meeting the highest level of international public procurement standards.

Transalis NHS Solutions

Easy access to PEPPOL NHS

You may be a new supplier to the NHS and need a helping hand to to choose the best option and guide you through the set-up process and training. Or you may already be trading across a PEPPOL NHS network but are looking for a new PEPPOL provider.

Transalis is one of the few UK companies accredited as an AS4 PEPPOL NHS provider, and prides itself on having a customer first approach, so you can avoid any red tape and unnecessary time spent on order and invoice processing. We take care of the heavy-lifting for you, so you’re able to focus on your core business.

For small businesses
If you need to get up and running quickly with a simple to use solution, we can provide easy access to PEPPOL NHS via an online platform.

For medium businesses
If you need complete visibility across your entire organisation, we can provide a full PEPPOL NHS integration with your internal systems.

For trusts and large organisations
If you have a large trading network and need to share a high number of invoices, we can provide a PEPPOL solution specifically designed for this type of digital document exchange volume

Benefits of PEPPOL

One of the main benefits of adopting the PEPPOL NHS with Transalis is that you only need to connect to the network once and you will then be able to transact with any other organisation within the network.

  • Your data will be completely secure on a multi-user, scalable, cloud-based solution
  • Access to your own secure online platform to view, process, and manage invoices
  • Send and receive digitised messages automatically
  • Reduce human error and become more efficient
  • Cut costs of manual-based systems
  • Faster invoice processing to help maintain a healthy cashflow
  • Assurance that your invoice formatting adheres to PEPPOL NHS standards

Transalis gives you peace of mind, so you know that your invoice and document processing and admin are all taken care of while you focus on the critical work of delivering life-saving products and services to the NHS.

If you want to find out more about the Transalis PEPPOL NHS, speak to our experts on 0845 123 3746 (calling from UK) or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or via email

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