The benefits of Transalis eInvoice™ for trading partner adoption

It can be a challenge to encourage your trading network to share invoices across your eInvoicing platform, but help is at hand with Transalis eInvoice™.

eInvoicing, the electronic exchange of invoices, promises a host of benefits compared with a paper-based system. They include ease of use, speed, and accuracy, helping you to improve efficiency, eliminate blocks and expedite payments as you interact with your trading network.

A recent report by credit insurance specialist Atradius found that two-thirds of UK suppliers had achieved faster payments after the adoption of eInvoicing. By minimising the costs of managing their supply or distribution networks, they had kept their cashflows healthier.

Ongoing success however depends on your trading network having the ability to receive and send eInvoicing documents with their existing systems.

Paper-to-digital makes it easier for you to upload postal, emailed and faxed emails faster and more accurately than before, saving your enormous amounts of time, but what’s really going to make the difference is if more of your trading network share invoices via your eInvoicing digital platform.

Sharing the benefits

Transalis eInvoice™ offers a partner web portal that allows any trading partner in your network to instantly receive, process and share documentation directly with you.

There are a range of eInvoice options based on how many trading partners you have, so scaling to different-sized supply chains and participants with varying levels of IT expertise.

Free access to eInvoice Lite enables your trading network to upload and download digital invoices via the Transalis Hub Connector – even if they don’t have their own eInvoice solution.

This is limited to 500 messages annually – after which the trading partner will need to pay a small fee – but at this volume the cost easily outweighs the time it takes to process the invoices.

Onboarding your trading network

We know from years of experience that relationships between trading partners can be improved – with substantial productivity improvements achieved – through automation.
We will help you reach 100% adoption of all your trading partners through a fully supported onboarding process featuring training, guides and user testing.

An outreach communication programme is a core component of the process, guaranteeing a higher adoption rate of your trading network than other eInvoicing providers.

Our team work hard behind the scenes to establish a connection with companies in your trading network. We nurture workflows through email and phone contact and offer a partner registration page branded with your logo.

User training sessions are backed by contact and document exchange testing, a full support guide and ‘walk-through’ videos.

Further support

In addition, you have a dedicated Account Manager who you can contact at any time throughout the onboarding process. Once live, as well as your Account Manager, you can also raise any issues or questions directly onto the Transalis support portal for speedy resolution.

Trading partner adoption is supported by our ‘bundle-based’ business model which provides a complete solution without any additional VAN, or value-added network, charges. In other words, no fee per transaction meaning you can apply eInvoicing to however many trading partners you have at no extra cost.

If you are interested in sharing the benefits of eInvoicing with your trading network, why not talk to us on 0845 123 3476 or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or email us on

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