Switching to an eInvoicing solution can be a complicated IT proposition…. but thankfully it’s one you don’t need to take on board yourself.

It can be complex because there are so many different formats, and ways of delivering and processing invoices, with different expectations and ‘views of the world’ among trading partners.

The good news is that because Transalis are experts in the subject, you don’t need to be. You don’t have to worry about the technicalities or keeping up with regulatory requirements. Whether you are the invoice issuer or receiver, or both, you can achieve successful automation with Transalis.

That’s the experience of not only AG Barr but other leading companies such as beauty brand Space NK. After a process automation project with Transalis produced immediate costs savings of £60,000, Chris Wakeham, Space NK’s Global IT Director, said:

“You no longer need specialist skills because Transalis can handle all of this for you, removing all the potential headaches involved. They had an ability to understand what we were trying to achieve and an appetite to make integration lighter, cheaper and easier for us.”

The dawn of a Post-Brexit era

The post-Brexit era offers further scope to adopt or improve eInvoicing through Transalis. The UK’s departure from the EU has ushered in a host of new Customs Declarations requirements. These affect not only trade with the EU but also between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. For many exporters and importers, the extra documentation required adds up to a time-consuming additional workflow. It’s clear that for the time being at least, seamless frictionless trade with the EU is over.

The list of new documentation is long. It includes ‘EORI’ numbers, export and import declarations, commodity codes, security and safety declarations, and special licences and certificates for dual-use and controlled goods.

CUSDEC: helping to enable frictionless cross-border trade

To help its eInvoicing customers deal with the new documentation requirements, Transalis spent much of the lead-up to the end of the Brexit transition period updating its electronic data interchange (EDI) platform with a series of new ‘message types’.

They include ‘CUSDEC’, or ‘Customs Declaration’, designed to meet all the legislative and operational data transfer requirements for import, export or transit.

CUSDEC may be used to transmit data from an exporter in one country to an importer elsewhere, or from one customs administration to another. It can also be used when declarants or customs authorities are called on to share data with other government agencies.

How to navigate Customs Declarations post-Brexit

Why switch to Transalis for eInvoicing?

The introduction of CUSDEC, and other new message types, are innovative examples of Transalis’ near 20 years of EDI experience, which will benefit companies seeking success with ‘Brexit-proofed’ eInvoicing.

  • Transalis is one of just 12 solutions providers across Europe to have passed a rigorous new EU eInvoicing standard and proudly taken its place in a related consortium called EURINV19. Under EURINV19 protocols, companies can signal to other traders that they operate EDI to a recognised common standard, so making eInvoicing within and between markets much easier.
  • Transalis is also one of the few UK tech firms to have been certified as an AS4 Peppol provider, reflecting its compliance with the highest level of international public procurement standards.
  • Both the EURINV19 and AS4 Peppol support the goal of enabling safe and secure trade through greater supply chain interoperability.
  • Transalis’ cloud-based supply chain solutions already help facilitate the exchange of around 40 million virtual documents a year, underpinning more than £4 billion of commercial trade in a myriad of business sectors across more than 30 primary trading countries. As well as AG Barr and Space NK, top brand clients include Argos, Smeg, Pret a Manger, The Hut Group and Superdrug.

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