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For a lean supply chain, heads of department need to be focused on ensuring cost-effectiveness and optimised processes.

Most businesses rely on several sales channels simultaneously, so accurate processing of order and shipment information is essential. This is where digital transformation can support an efficient supply chain.

Achieving a frictionless supply chain

Our report highlights 3 business areas that benefit from the use of strategic automation solutions

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In this blog, we highlight inefficient supply chain processes that are often overlooked by department heads, as well as an extract from a client success story.

Automation for a lean supply chain

Strategic supply chain management is supported through the use of automated systems, which resolve inefficiencies in processing.

For example, the management of communications with warehouses and 3PL providers. Automated solutions remove the complexities of distributing crucial information to the right endpoints.

For many [businesses], automated systems will account for 25 percent of capital spending over the next five years,

However, many Heads of Supply Chain may be missing a less obvious opportunity in creating a lean supply chain. The automated distribution of product information to customers.

Efficient catalogue distribution

Businesses that supply large retailers, B2B resellers, and run Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) channels, need to distribute a lot of product information to many endpoints.

This information can include product descriptions, prices, and potentially even inventory levels. Sharing this information is further complicated when there are slight variations between the information for different recipients. All in all, this can create a large amount of manual administration.

However, digital transformation in this area can remove this complexity. These dedicated solutions utilise a digital transformation layer that can extract data, reformat information and then route it to the right endpoint.

We visualise how this can look in the workflow below:

Typically, automation can be achieved for B2C businesses with PIM (Product Information Management) integrations. B2B organisations can also benefit from an automated solution that distributes catalogue information, e.g. across P2P (Procure-to-Pay) marketplaces.

A case study

Transalis has worked with a few clients that needed similar solutions as described above.

One of our clients (a tech distributor) needed to communicate its product catalogues with big retailers, large-scale resellers, and over 1800 other small-scale resellers. Due to the number of endpoints, it was not commercially viable to use individual EDI connections. This would be an expensive way to tackle the requirement and also extremely time-consuming to complete. Instead, opting for a digital transformation layer between disparate systems and endpoints simplifies the scope of the project.

In this respect, the solution can distribute individualised product catalogues to resellers (which may vary in product type and price points depending on the client relationship). This is achieved by extracting the relevant information from internal business systems, transforming it into the required format (email, PDF, or direct integration for example) and distributing it to the right client endpoint.

Transalis has implemented several similar solutions for different clients across industry verticals. All of these simplify processes and save on costs. Strategic supply chain management that utilises system integrations and digital transformation can achieve this.

eDI Software

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