Many organisations perceive the process of switching EDI provider as both equally complicated and time consuming.

We understand that there is a vicious cycle of dissatisfaction among EDI users, which is why 99% of organisations are planning to review their current EDI solution. From this staggering statistic, it’s clear that organisations are wanting to find an alternative, and superior, EDI solution. But why aren’t they pursuing it? These organisations fall into one of two categories; either feeling tied to their current EDI solution, or feeling tied to their current processes.

  • Organisation 1 remains with their incumbent provider. Experiencing poor service levels, poor account management, and outdated costing models.
  • Organisation 2 is new to EDI. They have all the associated overhead costs and errors with manually processing data.

For these organisations, there are several perceived barriers to switching EDI providers, including; concerns of compatibility, project management, internal understanding, capacity, and bandwidth.

But what if we were to say that actually, switching EDI provider is easy…

We uncover the most common concerns about switching EDI providers and debunk them below.

“How can I switch to an EDI provider who meets our business needs?”

We know that every business is different, with differing levels of supply chain complexity and differing needs for integration and support. This is why we put together our bundled Transalis eDI™ solutions. We have four EDI solutions to suit different business needs:

eDI Essential

Companies with just one or two trading partners who want a simple way to meet mandated customer EDI requirements should consider EDI Essential.

We offer online purchasing of a fully automated set-up. Buy online and get started now.

eDI Freedom

Build your own uniquely configured trading network using EDI Freedom.

Perfect for organisations who have a base of at least 3 trading partners and need the flexibility to select the message types and level of support.

eDI Connect & eDI Connect+

For organisations looking for a full 360° view of their supply chain as well as seeking seamless integration with their existing ERP systems then EDI Connect and EDI Connect+ are the right solutions.

These organisations will have more complex supply chains with multiple trading partners, high order volumes, and requiring enhanced stock and sales reporting – all of which can be accommodated with the eDI Connect & eDI Connect+ bundled EDI solutions.

“Are the cost implications of switching EDI provider too high?”

On the contrary, there are actually significant cost savings associated with switching EDI provider.


The pricing of all our bundled EDI solutions is totally transparent. They include unlimited messages as well as no VAN (Value Added Network) charges, as opposed to other EDI providers.

As shown in our recent case study, cosmetics giant SpaceNK has seen a huge £60,000 saving since taking their new EDI approach with us.


In terms of switching over from manual processing and embracing EDI, it can greatly minimise the hefty costs of human error.

Businesses in general save £14 an order and £8.50 per invoice with EDI.

GS1 UK have found that on average, up to 5% of the data on a typical paper invoice is inaccurate. Why not take a look at our handy ROI calculator and see how much you could save?

“Can I find an EDI provider with compatible systems?”

Our solutions can be implemented seamlessly, even in parallel to existing processes and work in conjunction with existing systems.

eDI Integrations from Transalis can integrate directly with your ERP, WMS, OMS and back office accounting to give you complete real-time data visibility across all of your systems.

“Surely, switching EDI provider will risk disrupting business as usual?”

We like to keep things as simple and as frictionless as possible for all our customers and we work with organisations to ensure there are no disruptions to business.

What our customers say about Transalis eDI™

“My organisation does not have the skill set to understand a new EDI solution”

Transalis’ expert team are with you every step of the way during the implementation of the EDI solution.

We offer ongoing support via an assigned account manager, keeping you informed at every stage. As well as options for:

  • management training days
  • network roll-out support
  • and help with partner onboarding

“My organisation would not know how to go about switching EDI provider”

Our bundled EDI solutions keep things transparent and eliminate the complexity with commercial agreements.

Get in contact with our expert team today to discuss your EDI requirements and business needs, we’d be happy to advise you on the right EDI solution for your organisation.

Call us on 0845 123 3746 or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or talk to us via email