CEF eDelivery Action

We are pleased to report that the EURINV19 project has concluded with success.

This project has supported the EDI providers of the consortium and their clients to meet the European Standard (EN) on eInvoice for cross-border transactions according to both the Directive 2014/55/EU (eInvoicing Directive) and their Member States’ legislation in invoicing.

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Transalis are now fully approved as an EN 16931 compliant solution provider by passing CEF conformance tests and successfully conducting interoperability tests with other parties in the EURINV19 project consortium. Included message syntaxes supported by EN 16931 are the UBL 2.1 invoice message and the UN/CEFACT Cross Industry Invoice (CII) message.

The EURINV19 project includes a consortium of five eInvoice service providers and four end-users from Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Slovakia, France, and Italy.

The objective of the project has been to update the participating invoicing platforms to become fully compliant with the required syntaxes UBL 2.1 and CII of the European eInvoicing standard EN 16931, and to implement EN compliant eInvoicing solutions for its end-users.

EURINV19 was a project co-financed by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), formerly Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), granted under the CEF Telecom Program. The project has been coordinated by the Universitat de València and technically supported by LMT Group.

The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Transalis and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union.

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