Busting 9 of the biggest myths surrounding EDI

If you’re thinking of introducing EDI to your business, or you already use EDI but are wondering if you’re really getting the best value from your existing provider,  you should read this. 

EDI has been around since the 1970s, but there is a massive difference between the EDI offered then, and the new Cloud-based EDI available today.  But a lot of the old myths still exist – a lot of EDI providers are still peddling their services and inflating their charges with overly complex set-ups and erroneous costs, no longer a factor with today’s advanced technologies.

Myth 6

from the EDI Mythbuster Report

“EDI solutions are unnecessarily complicated”

This myth has deterred many SME’s, in particular, from adopting EDI. Far from being complex, EDI actually simplifies and streamlines business practices, improving overall communication across your trading partner network.

The language and documents that trading partners use can be complicated and incredibly varied. Market-leading EDI solutions, however, can process and standardise a wide range of formats and data types.

Without this clear EDI benefit you risk missing opportunities to be involved in standardised and frictionless business transactions.

The implementation and integration of a new EDI system has also been streamlined thanks to cloud technology. Your EDI supplier can do all the initial implementation work and ongoing maintenance in the cloud with a minimum of disruption and downtime.

Switching your internal EDI solution to cloud-based EDI can ensure your future requirements are met. It can simplify the setup, reduce costs, increase security, improve scalability and through-put.

For the other 8 EDI myths, download the EDI Mythbuster Report.

EDI Mythbuster Report:

Revealing the truth behind the 9 biggest EDI myths

Essential reading for anyone about to purchase an EDI service


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