EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange, a tried and tested delivery mechanism that enables digitised trading information to be automated and shared among trading partners. But while the acronym neatly crystallises the term ‘electronic data interchange’, what does EDI stand for in terms of real business benefits and success?

The need to process and exchange data

Whatever business or sector you are in, you will naturally want your invoices, orders, shipping notes and other paperwork to be error-free and easily managed. As far back as the 1960s, supply chains across the world have relied on EDI as a ready, accurate means of processing and exchanging essential trading data.

Since then, EDI has been widely taken up by manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, distributors, third-party logistics companies and other trading network partners.
Forget raising orders and invoices manually and sending documents by email or post that then have to be keyed into partners’ systems, EDI has automated the whole activity.

What does EDI stand for in terms of savings and efficiency?

For businesses who continually process multiple lines of order and invoice information every day, EDI has introduced universal time and cost savings, eliminated the need for repetitive paper documents and improved accuracy.

As a prime example of electronic business innovation, EDI has kept evolving. Gone are the days when internal teams had to grapple with an IT integration challenge that was complicated, unwieldy, expensive and technical.

Now, you don’t need any specialist knowhow because a quality external provider, such as Transalis, will do all the implementation for you and provide on-going support once the solution it’s up and running.

Mapping, formatting and translating

Let’s consider some of the advantages you will gain from adopting Transalis eDI™ platform. This is a world-class, cloud-based, managed service built by experts with years of industry experience.

We ensure all the formatting and translating required for integrating structured and unstructured data into your system is done successfully so you don’t have to worry about going ‘under the bonnet’. This includes mapping all the required data from source files into the relevant EDI format.

Similarly, scheduling outputs is easy. This is vitally important in a network of partners who will typically have different trigger points for extracting data. Keeping track of that manually is highly labour intensive and far from straightforward. Instead, whether real-time or tied to an agreed time or event schedule, outputting essential data is a task done automatically for you by Transalis eDI™.

Easy and transparent

Once you start being served by Transalis eDI™, you and your partner(s) can be trading electronically within minutes secure in the knowledge you are on a robust, agile, scalable and high-performance platform.

Given cost pressures, you will want to ensure that any EDI deployment generates a return on investment and is easy to operate and manage.

Transalis operates a clear pricing model reflecting exactly the level of help you need and with no hidden extras such as so-called VAN, or value-added network, charges.

Transalis eDI™ harnesses all the benefits of SaaS, or software as a service. This means you avoid the task of installation or the need for an internal server altogether. Instead, you access your solution on a remote cloud network via a web browser or API. You don’t have to worry about software updates or reconfigurations of message types because Transalis take care of all that.

What does EDI stand for: frictionless business

Unlike many other EDI providers, everything, including unlimited message, is incorporated in an annual subscription.

eDI Essential

Transalis innovation goes beyond its applications and service delivery.

We are the first to offer online purchasing of a fully automated set-up for up to two trading partners so that you can be live and trading within 48 hours.

It’s as simple as 1,2,3.

eDI Connect+

At the other end of the scale, eDI Connect+ helps organisations that need a 360° view of their supply chain. They will typically connect with multiple trading partners, require unlimited message creation and seek seamless integration with their existing ERP system. They will also want their EDI solution to provide them with advanced analytics for performance management.

Bringing partners on board

Transalis helps you reach 100% adoption of all your trading partners through a fully supported onboarding process featuring training, guides and user testing.

In addition, you have a dedicated Account Manager who you can contact at any time throughout the onboarding process.

As well as being easy and cost-effective, Transalis eDI™ enables you to scale up your use of EDI as your business grows.

For more information on EDI solutions and Transalis eDI™, check out our EDI Software bundles. Talk to us on 0845 123 3746 or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or via email sales@transalis.com