Busting 9 of the biggest myths surrounding EDI

If you’re thinking of introducing EDI to your business, or you already use EDI but are wondering if you’re really getting the best value from your existing provider,  you should read this. 

EDI has been around since the 1970s, but there is a massive difference between the EDI offered then, and the new Cloud-based EDI available today.  But a lot of the old myths still exist – a lot of EDI providers are still peddling their services and inflating their charges with overly complex set-ups and erroneous costs, no longer a factor with today’s advanced technologies.

Myth 4

from the EDI Mythbuster Report

“Electronic data interchange is outdated”

This myth suggests EDI is obsolete because it has been around since the 1970s. The truth is that EDI has continually evolved during this period and is now more relevant and cost-effective than ever, thanks to cloud technology.

Switching to a cloud-based EDI solution is a great way to modernise your EDI as you don’t need to invest in any additional on-premise hardware or software and you don’t need to continually buy software upgrades to remain current. You also benefit from rigorous security and all of this heavy lifting is done in the cloud.

Modern cloud-based EDI enables you to view and share real-time data on your EDI dashboard from any internet-enabled device. The flexibility of the cloud means you can also rapidly onboard new trading partners, suppliers, manufacturers or customers.

Integrating EDI with your own internal systems is often much simpler since cloud-based EDI solutions such as Transalis provide a vast array of integration options, often ‘out-of-the-box’. This means you can eliminate and retire expensive in-house software which does the translation to and from your internal systems.

With modern EDI you can support any data standards and data formats and you can also execute large, challenging system integrations that would not have been previously possible.

Yes, EDI was invented in the 1970s, but that means it is now a mature, tried-and-tested technology that is widely trusted and relied upon across sectors and industries.

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