Transalis is celebrating a huge vote of confidence from the European Union. We have become one of just 12 solutions providers across Europe to pass a rigorous new electronic invoicing standard.

It puts us further into the frame for potential contracts with public and private sector organisations doing European business post-Brexit.

The standard, CEF eInvoicing, is part of the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility programme and is backed by a regulation concerning electronic transactions known as eIDAS, or electronic identification, authentication and trust services.

Paper to digital

The project to meet the CEF ‘conformance testing’ was led in-house by our team members Junia Phiong-Humby and Slavek Kizub.

Junia, Solutions and Architecture Manager, said:

“The eInvoicing initiative is all about championing the benefits of digital invoices, something that has been a major focus at Transalis for more than 15 years.

“Digital invoicing reduces the costs of processing, print, postage, storage and archiving, and means there are fewer data entry errors.

“By showing we now conform to the CEF eInvoicing standard, we’re giving customers greater confidence that we can cut their administrative burden while helping to facilitate cost-effective and secure cross-border trade and co-operation.”

Common standard

The CEF standard and eIDAS regulation follow Directive 2014/55/EU, designed to achieve a common, interoperable standard on electronic invoicing in public procurement. The regulation “seeks to enhance trust in electronic transactions in the internal market by providing a common foundation for secure electronic interaction between citizens, businesses and public authorities, thereby increasing the effectiveness of public and private online services, electronic business and electronic commerce in the Union.”

Transalis is part of a consortium of CEF commercial providers, called EURINV19, with representation from the UK, Netherlands and Sweden, following a reporting process co-ordinated by the University of Valencia.

Trusted partner

Slavek, our Systems Manager, said:

“Achieving the coveted CEF standard strengthens our credentials as a trusted partner for eInvoicing solutions.

“Our scalable, cloud-based EDI platform helps all kinds of companies and organisations manage their trading networks.

“This EU vote of confidence in us means we can play an even stronger role in supporting the effectiveness of online services and electronic commerce across Europe.”

Success story

Transalis’ EU success follows our recent certification for the world-class management standard ISO 27001.

This recognises what the international standards body says is our “systematic approach to ensuring customers have a reliable, secure platform for automating transactions, so minimising the need for costly manual and paper-based processes and associated errors.”

This third-party endorsement of our data security and risk management provides further reassurance for clients including retailers, manufacturers, logistics firms, healthcare providers and government bodies. The three-year ISO certificate involves an ongoing audit programme designed to demonstrate the continuing pursuit of excellence.

With the CEF standard now confirmed too, the next step for us is to conduct a series of stringent interoperability tests with partner organisations so that their e-invoicing systems are also validated and compliant with the EU’s requirements.

Details of EURINV19 may be found at:

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