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It is a time of dramatic change. Many small manufacturers and suppliers are reframing their supply chains and turning to EDI software after being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and also Brexit.

Rapidly shifting market conditions have led to reshaped trading networks and the consequent need for more agility in the management of partner relationships. At the same time, new research has revealed some of the hurdles and frustrations that SMEs can face when they try to reconfigure trading partner connections in their EDI software. Here we introduce an innovative solution to help.

Smaller businesses selling into retail sectors are seeing the pressures intensify as they try to remain competitive in an increasingly uncertain economy. Supply chain friction, the winding down of furlough and the looming spectre of inflation are among the issues starting to bite.

And when you are doing all you can to stay focused on the customer in challenging times, the last thing you need is any additional administrative headache.

Transalis eDI™

Find the EDI solution right for you and your business. Get connected sooner with Transalis eDI™

The need to review

In its latest independent commissioned research among SMEs*, Transalis has found that most respondents are looking to review their existing EDI software arrangements to cope with an increasingly dynamic trading environment.

Key reasons include a need to tighten and add resilience to supply chains following the impact of the pandemic and to comply with the red tape required for cross-border trading post-Brexit. EDI can achieve this by supporting the management of transactions and exchange of essential documentation such as orders, invoices and advance shipping notices.

At the same time, respondents expressed frustration at how long it can take to onboard strategic trading partners to their EDI software systems., Responses indicated an average wait of two months to add a solely UK-based partner, with three months the average for businesses onboarding their international operations.

This is clearly too long.


Find out more about how many traditional EDI providers are failing their customers in our independent research: Is EDI addressing the challenges of 21st century commerce?

A shorter process

While many SMEs anticipate the need to interact with new partners and therefore are shortening their supply chains due to the pressures and possible disruptions they face, too many incumbent EDI software providers are being sluggish and failing to step up to help.

It’s precisely because of this situation that Transalis offer their innovative bundled EDI software solutions, Transalis eDI™.

EDI software: the Transalis solution

eDI Essential is one of the bundled EDI software solutions offered by Transalis and aims to provide far greater agility to the onboarding of new trading partners. eDI Essential is an entry-level solution suitable for businesses starting to build out their trading networks.

eDI Essential puts you in control and gets you up and running quicker.

Typical users will include manufacturers, producers and suppliers dissatisfied with their incumbent EDI software provider and set-up, and so, are keen to switch to a provider who puts their customers’ needs first.

At the same time, eDI Freedom is for companies looking for an initial base of three trading partners and who want the flexibility to customise the bundle with the different features they require according to their unique business needs, as well as enlarge that in line with future market development.

eDI Freedom comes with a choice of features including bespoke and standard message formats and is designed to integrate with multiple systems.

We put our customers first, ensuring everyone has access to our dedicated customer experience and technical support teams.

eDI Software

For more information on our EDI bundles, visit www.transalis.com/edi, call our team on 0845 123 3746 (calling from UK) or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or contact us via email sales@transalis.com to discuss your requirements. To read the findings of the research report, download your copy.

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