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Business process automation comes with a number of benefits. One compelling reason for many organisations has been in achieving frictionless business.

With the rapidly changing retail environment, ensuring business processes are efficient, robust, and scalable has been essential in recent years. Commercial longevity has almost been predetermined by how efficient business processes are.

This blog explains how process automation will continue to play a key role in future business success.

Frictionless business for the future

Our report showcases how businesses are harnessing the benefits of automation to propel forward and future-proof

The need for process automation

The ability to automate business processes has propelled organisations forward in recent years.

This is most likely due to the rapidly changing retail environment that businesses have needed to adapt to. The growing consumer shift to online channels, as well as the pandemic and Brexit has put significant strain on traditional business models and many have needed to adapt or risk being left behind.

The changing business environment has highlighted the fragility of some business processes that rely heavily on manual intervention, such as warehouse processing, invoice processing, and data input into business systems.

Build your eDI Freedom

Our clients have seen significant ROI through manageable digital transformation projects. These projects have focused on very specific areas of inefficiency unique to each organisation. By implementing our bespoke solutions, our clients have seen the wider benefits of process automation beyond greater efficiency and cost savings.

For example the solutions we have implemented for some of our clients have involved:

  • Automating warehouse order processing with direct EDI integration to warehouse systems

  • Automating order fulfilment with standardised data retrieved from all retail channels

  • Automating order message exchanges across the entire trading network

Our client example

Recently we have been supporting our clients with process automation as they navigate online retail.

Automation has become a necessity for these businesses as they realise that the manual processes that are currently in place to manage other retail channels are not sustainable, or where digital compliance is needed in order to sell via online marketplaces, such as Amazon.

For example, one of our clients was experiencing positive results after expanding its retail channels and selling via online marketplaces. However, this success was now causing ongoing issues that would ultimately undermine their sales growth. These issues were caused by manual processing.

Manual processing vs process automation

The task of managing the sales processing for this online marketplace had become unsustainable and costly for the client. For every order placed via the marketplace, there were up to 5 different actions required and were being managed entirely by FTEs:

  • Order confirmation

  • Message to 3PL (Third Party Logistics) to pick, pack and dispatch

  • Order dispatch confirmation

  • Invoice

  • Provide inventory levels

The client estimated this manual processing was taking up to 3-days a week to manage and costing c. £15K annually.

This represents the manual process and costs associated with managing orders via just one marketplace for this client. In fact, this client was also managing other retail channels on other marketplaces, such as Wayfair, Not on the Highstreet, as well as their own ecommerce website. Therefore the cost implications of manual processing here are very clear.

Our client was in desperate need of process automation to make all of this order processing manageable. Our solution involved integrating all of the message types listed above via an EDI feed direct with the marketplace. All of this information was now able to travel between our client’s systems and the marketplace frictionlessly. Order messages are exchanged automatically with very little need for manual intervention and therefore a significantly reduced error rate.

The ROI of process automation

Our client was able to realise the immediate benefits of process automation:

Order messages are now exchanged automatically with very little need for manual intervention and therefore a significantly reduced error rate.

FTEs were no longer required to manually process all of this information and could be redirected to more high-value tasks and projects.

This solution meant that only a few hours a day needed to be dedicated to monitoring the new automated processes, vs. 3+ days spent manual data entry.

Overall, process automation in this one area of the business improved performance, efficiency, and saved the client significant time and money.

Transalis solutions

Here at Transalis, we work closely with our clients to uncover how we can best assist them in achieving frictionless business.

We offer pre-packaged solutions for both EDI and eInvoice, as well as a build-your-own function. This allows you to select the exact functionalities, integrations, and support that you need in order to succeed.

eDI Software

Discover the potential ROI of process automation in your business with our calculator. Discuss your business needs with our dedicated team: 0845 123 3746 (calling from the UK) or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or contact us via email

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