Our core values are the overriding principles that guide our company’s culture, people, behaviours and focus, for the benefit of both our company and our customers

Transalis core values are the building blocks of our professional integrity. They define what we stand for, with shared values, behaviours and skills. They lie at the core of our culture and are fundamental, enduring, and actionable. They are:


  • We do the right thing, all the time, in all circumstances
  • We believe in what we are doing
  • We are honest, trustworthy, dependable and loyal


  • We are always searching for the best ideas
  • We innovate for what matters
  • We strive to simplify, accelerate and improve
  • We constantly identify new opportunities


  • We care about our success
  • We are courageous
  • We don’t give up
  • We don’t mind being controversial
  • We love great technology