Transalis provides free access to its Peppol EDI platform to companies supplying products and services to the NHS during this vital time.

From medicines to masks, visors to ventilators, there are hundreds of examples of vital equipment required to fight coronavirus across the world.

Companies involved in life sciences and pharmaceuticals are prioritising research and the ongoing development of diagnostics, treatments and vaccines.

And alongside the more traditional healthcare supply chain, an army of manufacturers are retooling their usual production processes to make life-saving personal protective equipment.

They include big names in the automotive sector, plus gin distillers, fashion houses and industrial machinery suppliers.

In the UK construction sector, there are builders, civil engineers, architects and facilities management firms involved in the planning, building and fit-out of new field hospitals.

While many businesses and suppliers have been offering help, some have been left frustrated by the sheer complexities of the government and NHS procurement process.

There are examples of well-intentioned, very useful offers that have got bogged down in procurement discussions and ended up not being actioned.

Managed service

Transalis is committed to doing its bit to help all this activity, especially for those manufacturers and suppliers who may be new to government and NHS procurement.

That’s why we are offering them free-of-charge access to an integrated managed service via our PEPPOL web portal.

This is an online route to achieve faster payment arrangements, steady cash flow, and reduced processing and administration.

So what is PEPPOL and why are we sure it will benefit companies joining the fight against Covid-19?

Digital supply chain optimisation

PEPPOL stands for Pan European Public Procurement Online. It represents the highest level of international public procurement standards for companies working to support government healthcare.

In practical terms, business and government consider it as a framework of technical specifications designed to make disparate tech systems interoperable.

Transalis is fully certified to meet the PEPPOL AS4 standard covering all aspects of electronic procurement and supply chain management, including the exchange of purchase orders, despatch advice and invoice messaging.

In line with our certification, we are one of just five companies across Europe to have been awarded a grant to upgrade electronic data interchange, or EDI, services to help with public procurement and supply chain invoicing.

The award, from INEA, the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency of the European Commission, has contributed 75% toward upgrade costs with co-financing from the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility.

Because it is a European government procurement standard, the PEPPOL certification means our cloud platform can be used to exchange documents with governments and healthcare providers across the EU.

Electronic trading

Under our move to open-up access to our portal for companies involved in combating Covid-19, we are providing users with a single TP connection formatted to PEPPOL standards and enabling them to send up to 500 invoices annually.

Transalis team members will also be on hand to provide training and email service support.

Our aim is to give the NHS supply chain complete peace of mind that our cloud platform services will help them with safe and secure electronic trading at this time of unprecedented challenge.

By offering a free PEPPOL connection, we are doing our bit to help ensure there are no hold-ups for suppliers joining the fight against Covid-19.

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