France has announced it is progressing from its current eInvoicing mandate, which at the moment, is solely related to B2G eInvoicing. The new France eInvoicing mandate also includes B2B eInvoicing and e-reporting, via a central platform by 2023.

This latest development in France eInvoicing, follows suit in the direction that many businesses, national bodies, and countries are following towards digital transformation. eInvoicing is increasingly being mandated in countries to close what is known as the VAT gap. The VAT gap is characterised as the difference between VAT revenue forecasts and what is actually collected.

In Europe, the annual VAT gap is estimated at €140 billion; 11% of expected revenue.

As reported by Billentis*, the number of eInvoice exchanges is expected to quadruple by 2035. With the latest France eInvoicing mandate being implemented in the next few years, it is clear to see that eInvoicing will be a necessity for many businesses in order to remain competitive in an increasingly globalised market.

By mandating eInvoicing, governing bodies in France are able to effectively close the VAT gap and ensure an auditable digitalised paper-trail.

Transforming your invoice processes

Read more about how eInvoicing will help businesses into the future with our eInvoice report.

Transforming your invoice processes

What this means for businesses trading with France

With the new France eInvoicing mandate, businesses who currently have trading networks and supply chain connections in France will need to comply with the new regulations in time for the relevant deadline. This B2B eInvoicing mandate will be implemented in a phased approach similar to the original B2G eInvoicing mandate, with large enterprises needing compliance the soonest:

January 2023 – large enterprises

January 2024 – mid-sized companies

January 2025 – small companies

SMEs will also need to comply with the mandate, by 2024 and 2025 respectively. These are businesses that may not currently be familiar with digital processes and eInvoicing specifically or haven’t needed to comply with the previous B2G mandate. Therefore for these businesses, navigating the various requirements for the B2B France eInvoicing mandate as well as finding a suitable provider within their more limited budgets may be a challenge.

Meet the mandate with Transalis eInvoice™

Transalis eInvoice™ suite offers plenty of options for businesses that need an eInvoice solution to meet company or even country mandates. For example, Transalis eInvoice™ Freedom solution offers businesses total flexibility on the capabilities they need to trade with their supply chain network, including meeting international regulations, such as the new France eInvoicing mandate.

As well as being able to comply with the new France eInvoicing mandate, businesses who implement a Transalis eInvoice™ solution will also benefit from:

  1. Up to 80% ROI over manual processes. eInvoice completely eliminates the manual processing of documents, reducing resourcing costs and speeding up the downstream processes of payment authorisation.

  2. Data Validation. eInvoicing enables immediate data validation, hence mistakes are dramatically reduced and invoices are approved and processed far more efficiently.

  3. Increased staff productivity. By removing time-consuming manual processes, staff can be redirected to higher value tasks. Our case study with AB Barr outlines how they saved over £200,000 by automating their processes.

  4. Future-proof tax reporting. As well as time and cost efficiency, eInvoicing helps companies meet the growing requirements from governments around the world to have digitised systems that readily comply with rules on electronic tax reporting, for example VAT.

Transalis eInvoice™ solutions are also Peppol compliant for European trade with both the public and private sector. And Transalis is one of just 12 solutions providers worldwide to pass a rigorous new eInvoicing standard as part of a consortium called EURINV19.

eInvoice Solutions

If you need to comply with the new France eInvoicing mandate you can talk through your requirements with our knowledgeable team on 0845 123 3746 (calling from the UK) or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or contact us via email You can also find out more information about eInvoicing in our knowledge hub and on our eInvoicing software pages.

* The development and future of eInvoicing from 2019 to 2025. Billentis.

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