Transalis today announced they have been awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) access point framework.

Transalis enables NHS providers and suppliers with seamless transfer of NHS business documents, such as orders and invoices, over the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure. Having established a certified PEPPOL access point, Transalis supports NHS business processes, and will assist in delivering large expected cost savings to NHS procurement.

PEPPOL ensures interoperability in public procurement, starting with the NHS, by using a standard format for electronic business documents and the transmission of those documents between parties. For existing service providers to the NHS, looking to expand their own capabilities and customer reach, Transalis has long-standing partnership experience being the service providers’ service provider.

Within the UK, reports suggest over 50% of public sector business documents, such as Purchase Orders and Invoices, are delivered as a PDF and require time-consuming manual data entry into in-house systems. Without PEPPOL and the GS1 standardisation delivered via certified access points, such as Transalis, suppliers trading with the UK public sector may be inundated with numerous different formats of business documents, increasing the time spent with data entry and delaying the ordering, delivery and invoicing process.

Aniello Sabatino, Transalis Joint Managing Director, says

“Transalis have been leading the retail industry, supporting GS1, in Integration Brokerage (EDI) for the past decade and we are excited to now see the UK public sector adopting PEPPOL standards to deliver significant and sustainable cost savings to the NHS. Even if parties’ own systems won’t yet support the new messaging standards in full, our solution will take whatever data formats and convert these ‘on the fly’ to PEPPOL standards. For your trading network, and to help with the rollout to smaller entities, our PEPPOL enabled portal and paper-to-digital solutions will allow web-based document processing to the required standard, also. Our job is to bring you PEPPOL compliance at any stage during your transition as you implement the NHS eProcurement strategy, regardless of capability, current systems or size of your organisation.”

Through the competitive tender process and regular benchmarking, the CCS ensures the UK public sector, and in this case, the NHS, have access to the most competitive deals. All suppliers on the framework agreement are carefully evaluated during the tender process, and pre-agreed terms and conditions offer NHS customers sound contractual safeguards.