Transalis are proud to have exhibited as a Silver Sponsor at the recent Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, at the InterContinental Hotel in London.

The Transalis team spoke with a number of individuals from Global brands and organisations on the importance of embracing a digital supply chain and disruptive solutions for Digital Supply Chain Leadership. Staying competitive in a disruptive business environment requires a new kind of supply chain focused on agility, flexibility and responsiveness. That means having the right technologies and capabilities, to master digital technologies and embed them in digital supply chains.

Transalis’ co-founders Aniello Sabatino and Paul Simpson used the event to launch the Transalis Supply Chain Blockchain Council. The Councils’ mission is to provide members with a blockchain sand-box environment, where supply chain professionals can explore, define and build blockchain applications to bring the benefits of blockchain to the multiple parts of global B2B2C, cradle-to-cradle global supply chains and promote the circular economy. With many attendees signing up and contributing, the future is exciting!

Transalis transforms global digital supply chain networks, merging traditional and disruptive technologies to master digital leadership, collaboration, agility, speed & security for event-driven business-critical information, leveraging digital ecosystems of connected organisations, applications, devices and processes.